Monday, September 14, 2015

Wedding Wednesday: His Ring!

Whew! Y'all its super busy around these parts! But I wanted to share something that I will never do again in my life, buy a wedding band!!

My mom and I headed out to the Apparel Mart week before last to buy our wedding bands. I wrote before about going back to the location where Steven purchased my engagement ring. What I didn't share with you was that our bands together would have been over $2200. Yes, $2200! That is more than HALF of the cost of our honeymoon. While it would have been nice to have gotten the rings from the same place, we aren't made of money.

I had several friends recommend that we buy our bands at the mart, so off we went. Let me tell you that I was SHOCKED at the pricing. I understand that gold is almost the highest that it has been in twenty years, I just didn't know I was going to have to give away my first born for a wedding band.
Here's my mom and I LEAVING the mart. Didn't buy any bands there, just some shorts for the UGA game this weekend ;)

My mom kept pushing me to call a jeweler in Northeast Georgia that she and my dad had bought from before. Much to my surprise.....they were cheaper than any of the jewelers at the mart!!! So that afternoon we left downtown Atlanta and drove all the way to Gainesville! Totally worth the drive!!

I was able to get Steven's band for $400! The exact band that he wanted, white gold in 6MM. Well, he really wanted a platinum band, but I told him I would have to play aaaalllllootttt of scratch off lotto tickets to afford that haha!

To say that I was excited and thrilled is an understatement! But then....I got even more excited when I found out the cost of mine! It had to be ordered and we're going to see it in person tomorrow. Since my engagement ring is custom, we aren't 100% sure that it will be perfect, but the jeweler has been so accommodating and if this band isn't right, they are going to order another for me!

C'mon tomorrow afternoon! I'm ready to see EXACTLY what my finger is going to look like as Mrs. Caudell!

Was I the only one who was shocked over the cost of men's wedding bands? Or is the new, higher price of gold"the norm"? Did you and your husband do a lot of shopping for a good deal? I'd love to hear your stories! This will be his wedding band for a long time...unless, of course, I win a scratch off haha!


  1. Yay for a good deal! It's so pretty and nice! What an exciting time!

  2. What a beautiful ring! It's such an incredibly exciting time and expenses do add up very quickly, I think it's good to be thrifty wherever you can. Although weddings are expensive, it's a nice feeling when you get a good deal and save some money. I wish you the best of luck with your future.

  3. What a bargain! I love it when that happens and it all comes together without costing a fortune. Weddings are expensive enough; getting a bargain where ever possible is great. It is a gorgeous ring, white gold is so classy - we chose titanium for my husband as he works with machinery but I would've preferred white gold.