Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Rambling Wednesday!

Welcome to an awfully scatterbrained post by yours truly!! 


There is someone at my house cleaning right now. Now you could be reading this and thinking "thats totally normal" or you could be thinking "you lazy bum clean your own house!" and I am personally leaning toward the latter comment. Why? Well our house is so small! I mean 1200 square feet, 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom. Our house is like the size of a luxury two bedroom apartment LOL. But with Steven having been gone three weeks for work and I have essentially turned into a chicken with its head cut off, I needed some help. And there is nothing wrong with asking for help right? We've got guests coming to stay this weekend and I've not touched a baseboard since we moved in almost a year ago. Someone tell me that I shouldn't feel guilty about having someone clean my house. 

Fall is here:

While the rest of our landscaping might look scary...I did manage to "fall" up our front door and add a yard sign! The yard sign was one of my shower gifts from a few weeks ago and I just couldn't wait to use it! 
Told you the landscaping was scary....we've got weeds growing on the front steps LOL! But other than that and a few pumpkins, #clubcaudellcircle is ready for Fall! 

Homemade Chex Mix + Crock Pot

For the tailgate this past Saturday, I brought homemade chex mix. I had seen several recipes for this floating around Pinterest, and I had most of the items in my pantry already!! Do any of you use recipes from Gimme Some Oven? I love this blog and I followed her recipe. Well, its a labor or love (kind of) and you cannot leave your crock unattended for more than an hour. While making it like this did allow for me to great ready without constantly attending to the oven, it was hard to stir the cereal without breaking it. And not to mention, the cereal had a very weird texture while I was cooking it, but after it cooled on a baking sheet it was fine? My final chex mix in the bag! 

G-E-O-R-G-I-A! Gooooooo Dawgs!:

Football is here! Down in the south there are four seasons: Winter, Spring, Summer and Football. Here is a little re-cap from our past three football Saturday's :) 

Game 1 - UGA vs ULM
We had a two person tailgate, ran into my cousins at the game and left in the 3rd quarter because we were kicking ass! We had a great time!!! 

Game 2 - UGA vs Vandy @ Vanderbilt 
Steven set-up an outdoor viewing party for us! We watched the game from the comfort of our back patio and hung out with Cornflake! We've since been watching a lot of TV on the patio :)

Game 3 - UGA vs USC 
This past weekend we had a BLAST!! During out tailgate we had a stock the bar party for our friends Carey and Ben! Then, later in the afternoon we tail-gate hopped and visited one of Steven's groomsmen and his dad! We walked in to the stadium with a 3 point lead over the Gamecocks and walked out with a final score of 52 - 20!

And lastly......
Our wedding invitations have been mailed!!!!!!!! It only took three hours to assemble them and an hour to hand stamp them. Woof! They're in the mail, so let the response cards start rolling in! 

I'm out!!! I hopefully will be back tomorrow with a post about fall fashion!!


  1. Putting all the invitations in the mail is the BEST FEELING! Congrats!

  2. Do no feel guilty about having a house keeper! Whether it's temporary or long-term it's FINE! Jack just started MDO this week & I have felt so guilty about it but, the fact that I have been going non-stop in those hours he's gone & getting so much done makes me know it's OK! So, don't feel bad at all! Help is certainly needed sometimes!! & Wooo hooo for invitations going out! Those were such a bear! UGH!

  3. I think you're brilliant for having someone come clean your house! And thanks for the heads up on the crock pot chex mix - I've always wondered how it turns out!