Thursday, October 8, 2015

Favorite Fall Look!

When I was in TJ Maxx this past Sunday and spotted this dress on the rack, I knew it had to try it on! It had literally been pulled over my head for about 5 seconds and I immediately took it off and threw it in the "buy" pile. Do you ever try on clothes like that? You just KNOW the minute you see it or put it on. Well that was me and this dress!
I wore this last night to my girls dinner! The colors are just right for fall and the length (for someone who is petite like me) was perfect! I paired it with booties last night, but I think this dress would also look great with black tights and pumps OR black tights and brown riding boots! So versatile!

This dress is Sienna Sky, a brand I have never heard of, and naturally when I type the name and style number into google nothing comes up. Whomp Whomp. So here are two very close contenders from The Red Dress Boutique and The Mint.
via Pinterest via The Red Dress Boutique

via Pinterest via The Mint
Last year I did not jump on "the bootie train" - LOL that cracks me up - because I couldn't find a pair that I liked. Something about looking down and seeing shoes that had a perfectly round toe just weirded me out. Well someone at Target designed a pair that are perfect for me and I bought them back in August! And they have fringe!!
via Target
Soooo, y'all have been warned! You will be seeing this combination in a lot of upcoming posts! What is your go-to fall look? Other than a dress and boots, I love a good vest! Besides the green pants from this post, what looks should I add to the fall line up? Let me know :)


  1. Loooooooooooooooove your looks, lady! All of the dresses are perfection!

  2. Go look at Sole Society for booties. All mine are from there and not so rounded. And too cute!

  3. This looks absolutely adorable on you! And yes! I know exactly what you mean about putting something on and knowing without a doubt you're purchasing it.