Thursday, July 9, 2015

Our 4th on SSI!

Hey Pretty People! I hope that everyone is doing well! 

Last week Steven and I took off a couple of extra days from work and headed down to St. Simons Island for the 4th! We left after work - the trip takes about 5 hours - and when we turned on to the causeway the moon was shining right over the water. It was truly beautiful, the water was just sparkling!! I felt a calm rush over me and I knew that relaxation and good food was up ahead!!

Our first day there we headed to the beach to "try out" Steven's Yeti haha! There were a lot of people on the beach, but it wasn't overly crowded and we thoroughly enjoyed our afternoon! Steven's mom picked up Southern Soul Barbeque (our favorite) for sandwiches. We typically would go to the restaurant but we knew that it would be crowded with tourists. After the beach we decided we needed a little snack and frozen beverages so we stopped by Gnats Landing on our way home. Once the fried green tomatoes and pimento cheese were gone :( we came back to the house to relax by the pool, then three of us headed out to our favorite sushi spot for dinner, Fancy Q.

On Friday Steven had gotten a little too much sun Thursday to enjoy the beach so we headed out to do some shopping and pick up a few things that we needed. During this shopping trip I found my rehearsal dinner dress! Cloister Collection was having a great Lilly P sale and I snagged the only M left in THIS dress. I am really excited about it!!! Later that evening we headed to the beach for Steven's party. What lucky guy right?? Two 30th birthday parties! We met his friends at the beach at 5:30 for snacks and drinks. Afterward we headed back to the house for a while, then Steven went out with the guys and I stayed home and slept. Yes, slept instead of going out, I'm officially old haha!

Saturday we slept in, Stevens mom made us breakfast and we headed out to the beach. Y'all I swear it took us 45 minutes to find a parking spot. It was THAT crowded. Luckily we found one, grabbed everything out of the truck and off we went! We didn't get to spend as long as we would've liked because a storm blew in from Jekyll Island. For a while we rode it out, as everyone was leaving the beach due to the light sprinkle, we were under our umbrella still sipping beer! Just when we thought things were going to clear up the lightening and thunder started and we headed home :( Steven and I did dinner by ourselves at The Crab Trap that evening and finished the night off with fireworks on the beach. We picked an area where we could see the fireworks at the pier and on Jekyll!!

I always hate to leave on Sunday mornings. I personally could stay until 4 or 5 and just let it be late when we get back, but Steven was ready to get back and I missed my Cornflake. Yes, I am THAT person that misses their cat haha. After breakfast and wedding talks with his mom, we loaded the truck and we headed North! It was WONDERFUL to get away and we are really lucky that Steven's mom lives on St. Simons so we always have a place to get away to!!

If you're ever planning on vacationing on St. Simons I will be happy to give you recommendations of places to dine and shop! Other than the lake or Sanford stadium, it is pretty much my favorite place!


  1. This looks like a great 4th of July weekend! I think I laid in my pool for the entire weekend it was THAT hot in SWFL! Can't wait to see what dress you got!! I bet it's great! :) How are the wedding plans coming along?

  2. Ahh sounds like such a great weekend with the perfect mix of fun & relaxation!! I've officially put St. Simon on my list of places to visit!!