Friday, July 10, 2015

Five on Friday!

Hey everyone! TGIF!! It feels great to get back to blogging this week, hopefully I can keep it going next week ;) What do y'all have on tap for the weekend? Not too much is going on around #clubcaudellcircle, however that could allll change!

Let's get into Five on Friday with Darci, Natasha, April and Christina! 

1) Remember this post? Where I got all honest about my weight...well I didn't do a damn thing about it until Sunday night. Steven and I had a long conversation about how we wanted to get healthier and there was no excuse to wait until closer to the wedding! And there is plenty of summer left to where I am going to be in a bikini!! So with all of that said, this is what I have done to start getting fit...
Three bike rides this week!
And this afternoon I am trying my first Pure Barre class!!! I have a friend who SWEARS by PB and right now they have a Bride-To-Be special, so I am going to try it out and see if this is something that I want to incorporate with my cardio! Lift, Tuck and Burn baby!
2) Aruba, Bahama, Cmon on Pretty Mama! 
via Excellence Resorts
We have our first consultation with our travel agent on July 31st!!! After having seriously talked about our budget, and looking at locations online, we think that we have narrowed down our choices for the honeymoon to either Punta Cana, Dominican Republic or Jamaica! I am dreaming of December 1 RIGHT NOW! 

3) We've got a few projects going on around #clubcaudellcircle. Last night my uncle (who is in the electrical field) came over and helped us install a ceiling fan in our bedroom, and during lunch yesterday I hit up Home Depot for a few things that we needed. As of lately we haven't put too much back in savings, so we made the decision to try and spend a little more time at home. So, I decided to invest a little money in our humble abode to make it more enjoyable! go back and get an  umbrella for the patio (that is on sale) on not....that is the question?!?!

4) Who is a govino fan???? Steven received the beer glass set for his birthday! And now there are two sets of wine, champs, another beer and the wine decanter on our registry! me all these! These are ideal for tailgating, the lake and on the beach! 
via govino
5) 127 Days! Not like I am counting or anything ;) 

 I hope that everyone has a fabulous weekend!!!! 


  1. I would say that's an awesome start to working out! I got moving last week too, finally! & it felt great to get out & exercise!!

  2. Girl you're getting so many wedding things done! That is amazing! I bet you are so ready! And I am excited to hear about you pure barre experience! I've heard good things!!