Tuesday, June 16, 2015

WW: Bridesmaids gifts

Hey pretty people! Happy Hump Day! My wedding planner sent me my june/july checklists and one of the items over the next two months is to select my bridesmaids gifts. Having been a bridesmaid eight times, I think back on the gifts I received, some I have never used, others I use every day!

I will tell you that one of the best "gifts" a bride can give her maids is paying for hair and makeup. After having spent so much money on dress, showers, alterations, hotel stay etc etc, it is nice to just be "pampered" on the morning of with the bride!

When I think about what to give my maids, I want to give them two things, something that is wedding day related and something that can be used everyday. I have also decided not to get them all the same thing. Each of my maids are different, and what ones likes, the other might not. I want their gift to reflect their personality but also my appreciation for them holding my dress while I pee ;) 

I threw together a little board, as I have narrowed it down to four things that I think I want to get them.... 1) Makeup/travel bags -- 2)Personalized jewelery -- 3) Wedding shoes -- 4)Robe or PJ set

Bridesmaids gifts

It has been four years since I was in Amanda's wedding, she gifted us white, waffle weave makeup/travel bags. I still use it everyday! I was in another wedding several years ago and we each received a beautiful bracelet, until it broke (and the piece to fix it went missing) I wore it all the time! The inspiration for the shoes and the robe comes from seeing fun morning of pictures with the bride and her maids matching! I am also a big shoe gal, so I love the idea of sassy pictures with all of us holding up our dresses to show our shoes!

But these are just my ideas...I would love to hear YOUR ideas!! What was the best/worst bridesmaids gift you ever received?? Any advice for me? Let me hear it!!!


  1. I like the idea of doing something for each girl. My mom paid for all of the girls' makeup for my wedding and I thought it was so kind of her. I did a make up bag, earrings, a book about keeping the sparkle in your life, and a big initial tote bag to use for the wedding for all their stuff and after. I even got myself one and use it everyday.

  2. I got my bridesmaids hand made jewelry, hand painted wine glasses, and shoes to wear after the wedding. I also did other things here and there throughout the process like buying them infinity knot rings as thanks after my bridal shower and paying for dinner out the night they got here. I got a bag with my name embroidered on the side from a friend who's wedding I was in years and years ago and I actually used it again a few days ago to go to the beach so that gift definitely lasted and I loved it. :) I really like your board with gift ideas as well. I think a make up bag is awesome and would get used so much too!

  3. i've been given MANY a bridesmaid gift. i would say go with something personalized / bag of some sort / both. the bags i've been given as a bridesmaid I still use to this day. i got a "jute" tote bag i think they're called. it's so versatile and i love. i was also given a silver clutch one time and all the bridesmaids used it the next day to carry all their stuff for the reception (mostly mini bottles). i don't know if i would buy them wedding shoes unless you want them to all have the same ones. sleepwear is a fun idea. and personalized jewelry is always nice, but can get expensive if you have to get a lot. i say you can't go wrong a bag (of any kind) and you can get creative and fill each bag up with stuff for that particular girl. her favorite candy. her favorite beauty product, etc. one time the bride gave us all personalized CD's with songs that reminded her of our friendship. people don't really use CD's anymore so that might be out.

    okay...this is getting too long! :)