Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Spicy + Southwest

I love finding a good recipe on someone's blog! Whether it be for cocktails or brunch, you know that it must be good if you're sharing on your personal interwebs...so today I am sharing my recipe for a Southwest Salad and Spicy Margaritas :)

I have always loved a good salad! Loved it so much that I went through a phase when I was 3 that if we went to McDonalds I pitched a fit for a salad instead of a Happy Meal. Now as an adult, I go through phases where I can't get enough leafy greens, and the thought of having salad sounds awful. Since summer is here and we would rather spend out time out doors instead of in front of the stove, I have been whipping up salads the past two weeks. This photo appeared on IG last week and I wanted to share the recipe!

(1) Chicken Breast
(1) Can Organic Black Beans (we like Simple Truth from Kroger)
(1) Avocado
(1) Bag Sweet Southwest Corn Mix (Green Giant Microwaveable)
Tortilla strips to your liking
For the base, we use organic spring mix, but you can use your own personal preference. Romaine would be a great choice for extra crunch!

Dice chx breast into bite size pieces and add to skillet -  sprinkle a little garlic powder, chili powder, adobo seasoning, lime juice, salt and pepper over it! 
While this is cooking, heat beans over stove and pop corn in the microwave. 
Dice avocado to your liking. 

One chx breast and one avocado are enough for two salads! 
Arrange on plate and voila! Steven topped his salad with a spicy chipotle ranch dressing, I used lime juice and a little olive oil. 

Now what kind of mexican/southwest dish is "complete" without a margarita.....none! I was in Williams-Sonoma a few weeks ago picking up a gift and at checkout there were some small bottles of hot sauce. Steven is a hot-sauce connissour - he loves hot sauce so much, it will be one of our wedding favors - so I knew that I had to pick him up a bottle. Well that little bottle lead to me telling the story about his obsession to the clerk and she led me over to the Vitamix that had this deliciousness in it...
via Williams-Sonoma
Run, don't walk, to your nearest WS and get this mix! It has a great amount of heat with excellent flavor to it! I do equal parts, tequila, mix and either (diet) marg mix or lime la croix! Top off with a freshly squeezed lime and you've got your new favorite margarita! This mix also comes in a "skinny" version as well.

And that friends was our spicy + southwest dinner last Thursday!

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