Monday, June 15, 2015

Cocktails and Cats: Our Weekend

Y'all we are literally turning into crazy cat people! I was looking for this picture on Steven's phone the other night and his camera roll was nothing but pictures of Cornflake and her kids. Mine looks the exact same!! I would say that I am "embarrassed" but this will LITERALLY be the only time there are kittens in our we're soaking up their sweetness while they are still ours!
Apparently, we like cocktails too. I took a whopping five pictures this weekend, and two of them were of booze. Imagine that! Our recycling gets picked up on Mondays, I wonder what the recycling guys think about us when they pick up our bin. LOL!

Friday evening we stayed at home and grilled for dinner. While watering our flowers in the front yard, look what was hanging out in the (scary, abandoned, awful) neighbors yard....a deer!
They visit us all the time! Thankfully, they do not visit my impatients in the front planter :)

Last week, my mom and I spent one night at the lake by ourselves before the guys came up. After we arrived, I made us Gin and (diet) Tonic's. They were soooooooo good! For the longest time though, I was not a fan of Gin. You see, I was about 14 and on vacation, I went back up to the condo to make a snack and decided that I wanted to taste (for myself) what my parents and their friends had been drinking. WOOOOOOOOOOOOF. Can you say Pine Needles?!?!?!? It wasn't until after college that I acquired the taste for it. Well they were so good last week, I had them again!
Saturday morning, I made brunch and we got ready for our day date - Downtown and Jurassic World! Would you believe that this was the FIRST movie that Steven and I have gone to see together? Neither of us are big movie-goers, but Jurassic Park is his favorite movie, so when he saw the previews for Jurassic World.....he informed me that we HAD to go see this movie! Has anyone been to the movies lately? Holy guacamole it is expensive! We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and I give Jurassic World a big thumbs up!!!!

After the movie, we headed to "our spot", Georgia Theatre rooftop! Our friends Carey and Ben met up with us and we enjoyed a few cocktails. Carey and Ben are getting married a month before us!!! So it is nice to talk "wedding" with someone who is also going through it too!
Sunday started off with church and then we spent our afternoon running errands. Our sweet girl is (finally) getting spade on Thursday, so she needed a cat carrier and new jewelery for her procedure.
Yes, I bought her "jewelery" aka cat tag. It is the closest thing that to jewelery that Steven would let me get.....because trust me.....if it were left up to me she would have a pink rhinestone collar complete with a bow! Haha!

Our weekend ended with a bike ride and a bug getting into my eye. Yep. Bug+Eye +Contacts = not a pretty situation. And that friends was our cocktails and cats weekend!

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