Wednesday, June 24, 2015

What's Up Wednesday - New link-up!

Hey everyone! Happy Hump Day! I found a new link-up, What's Up Wednesday with Shay, Mel and Sheaffer. It is a once a month link-up on the last Wednesday of each month! Join in on sharing what's going on this Wednesday :) Let's get started!

What we're eating this week: protein shakes and lots of fruit! 
The camera doesn't lie. Even though my waistline is a little smaller (clothes are fitting better) my arms are fat, legs still jiggle a little too much and I KNOW we will eat bad on vacation next week. Hopefully eating healthier this week will set the tone for vacation. Fruit + Water + Light Beer haha! 

What I'm reminiscing about: our first trip to the jewelry store ...
It is hard to believe that we'll be going back to the jewelery store this weekend....only this time it is to shop for wedding bands! Eeeeeek!

What I'm loving: my new beach bag! 
Many moons ago my bestie bought me a pink jute tote as a beach bag. I finally had to retire it last year because it was discolored and had several stains on it. I ordered this bag from Ballard Designs for $26, monogrammed and shipped to my office door! 

What we've been up to: not too much other than our trip to Atlanta on Saturday! Click Here

What I'm dreading: the ride home from SSI on the 5th. 
It is always so TOUGH to leave a place this beautiful! Not to mention the ride is 4.5 hours! Woof!

What I'm working on - up in the gym just workin on my fitness! 

What I'm excited about - Steven's 30th birthday this weekend!!! 

What I'm watching/reading: Nothing at the moment, but I am putting The Girl on the Train and Getting Real on my Kindle for beach reads next week! 

What I'm listening to  - LOVING Luke Bryan's new song, Kick The Dust Up

What I'm wearing (saturday):
via Lilly Pultizer
I ordered this Lilly Pulitzer top in Shell Me About It for saturday afternoon and it is supposed to be here tomorrow! I am anxious for it to get here so that I can decide if I am pairing it with white shorts, white jeans or navy shorts!

What I'm doing this weekend - Spoiling my main squeeze! I've got several things up my sleeve so I can't share on here just in case he is reading :)

What I'm looking foward to next month: Carrollton + 1Year! 

We're going to Carrollton to see Yacht Rock on the square and to stay with my bestie and her husband in their NEW HOUSE! Steven has never been to Carrollton before, so it will be fun to show him all our old college stomping grounds! AND July 25th is our one year anniversary! That July weekend was the first weekend that we spent together (after talking for almost four weeks!) and during that weekend Steven asked me "not to see anyone else". The rest is history my friends :)

What else is new:  Did I mention that my wedding dress came in???????? YEP! We are going to get it tomorrow and I am dying! I haven't see the dress in SIX months! I hope that I feel the same way I did when I picked it out!

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