Tuesday, June 2, 2015

I'm Alive! Hey June!

Hey there GG readers! I might have fallen off of the proverbial blogger cliff, but not in real life :)

I would love to tell you that I have some goals set for this month, but I don't. With all of the going-ons that we have, it is just unrealistic to say that I want to accomplish anything. My plan is just to live for July 2nd when we head south for St. Simons for the 4th!

This past Friday night I shared a picture on IG (@laurabethpalmer) of our homemade pizza! Steven and I are both pizza lovers, and when I was in the grocery earlier in the week, I saw a pizza crust and I knew EXACTLY what we were having for dinner one night.
When it comes to pizza, we almost always agree on toppings! Initially I was just going to make a white pizza, but who doesn't love a little protein?? Here is the recipe:

Whole Wheat Pizza Crust
Ranch Packet + Ricotta Cheese (this is the sauce)
Sargento Pizza Blend
Sargento Parmesan
Fresh Chopped Spinach
Turkey Sausage

When searching the internet for a white sauce recipe, there were all sorts of recommendations on how to make the sauce. And in my opinion, all of those recipes involved TOO MANY steps + ingredients. I am a five ingredient, five step recipe kinda girl!!! Someone left a comment that they mixed together ricotta cheese and a ranch packet for the base of their white pizza, and there you have Laura Beth's base for a white pizza haha!

Preheat oven to 425
Brush pizza crust with olive oil 
Mix ranch packet and ricotta cheese
Spread base onto crust
Sprinkle heavy layer of pizza blend cheese
Add chopped spinach to desired liking
Add turkey sausage
Sprinkle feta
Sprinkle Parmesean
Bake for 15-20 minutes

My mother can make anything grow, she has like a green hand, not just a green thumb. I could kill a silk plant. Our house has a built in planter under the front windows and now that I am "domestic" I decided to try my hand at gardening!! Saturday morning Steven and I hit the Growers Outlet for some flowers!

The color of the New Guinea Impatients in these pictures do not do it justice! They flowers are a beautiful salmon color. I initially wanted red, but these babies caught my eye. Here's to hoping that a) they stay alive and b) the deer don't eat them all!

Lastly, because I have turned into the crazy cat lady and I survive on wine alone, here is a picture of Cornflake and a FABULOUS Malbec that I recommend you try!
Doesn't she just look like a sweet ball of fluffiness right here??? Cough Cough lol!

Tomorrow I will be back with a Wedding Wednesday post that I am sure everyone can relate to! I will be talking about things that just really "chap my ass" while also acting like a lady! Hahaha :)

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