Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Blogger Funk + Brokes-ville

Do you ever just get into a funk? And not even a blogging funk, just "things are kinda weird at this moment in time" and I don't have anything to say or want to see you funk? Oh you do? Me too, 'cause I am hanging out on the corner of "I don't want to desert GG, but I dont have much to say either."

I can tell you that I am hanging out in brokes-ville! Why? Because I cannot control my shopping! Ooops.

Thanks to good ole Facebook, I saw that one of my friends posted in the BST Lilly for Target group. I had left the group because right after everything went on sale it was out of control. I am 100% sucked back in to it and I need to quit. However....I did get one of the items I wanted, the Happy Place Romper!!!
via Refinery 29
It is a little large, but I am going to have it altered. Surprisingly, it looks great untied at the top and I paired it with a gold and bling necklace. Photo coming after alterations.

What else have I bought? This fabulous ivory dress from J.Crew Factory!
photo via j.crewfactory
I know that it does not look like much on the mannequin, but holy smokes it fits like a glove and I am in LOVE with it! I swore that I was going to save it for something wedding related, but I might have to wear it on our date night this weekend :) 

Run, don't walk, to your nearest Target and scoop up this beach towel!
Luxe Beach Towel - via
Seriously! It is so soft and very well made. I am about to sound crazy, but I grew up with really really plushy towels. We had a pool, so they got used often, and the el cheapo towels always got ruined. Over the years I bought a towel here and there but nothing plush, well while in Target searching for another towel like Steven's mom bought me, I happened upon these. I plan on getting them monogrammed with lime green "C" 's.

Everyone needs $70 sandals. So maybe not everyone, but I do. I am a HUGE Sam Edelman fan!!! I have been for years. I have a pair of gold glitter Gigi sandals and they go with everything! I am still regretting that I did not buy two pairs of them haha. When digging out my summer items, I discovered that my black sandals were in bad (really bad) shape, so I bought the traditional black Gigi's.
I am wearing them today actually! I know that dropping $70 on sandals might sound crazy, but I promise they are worth it!

And that friends is why I am in brokes-ville! Let's hope that I get out of my funk before my wallet cries UNCLE! Haha! Hopefully I will be back next week! Til then, tah tah for now!


  1. Let me tell you girl, I try so hard not to spend all my money on all the things. I have been feeling in a funk too, but I'm just trying to ride it out without going broke at the moment. :)

  2. Those are my favorite sandals, too!