Thursday, May 21, 2015


This week has just been nuts. Y'all I mean like nuts. I actually had a post in my drafts for today, but I decided to save it for later.

Cornflake is in heat (again) like can cats loose their "voice/meow"? Seriously, she won't shut up. I love her and she is my baby, but damn. A four day break from her meowing is needed.

I could probably do laundry for a solid 12 hours straight, and that is not including what I brought home from the lake yesterday so that I could avoid having to go to the laundromat. Apparently we need a new dryer at the lake house....

Tonight is our annual meeting for AACA. This is the meeting where we distribute our funds that we raised throughout the year to the cancer organizations we support. I am really looking forward to the meeting, not looking forward to the time frame. I am predicting that I will be getting home around 10. Thankfully Steven doesn't have to work tomorrow so I can stay up as late as I need and not have to worry about being quiet bc he is asleep!

We have a stock the bar party on the lake Monday for some of our friends. What is a good stock the bar party gift? I hate to give wine glasses, that is so cliche. And I hate to give liquor. Ideas? Anything?

And because no post is complete without are some for your viewing pleasure! I hope that everyone has a fabulous Memorial Day Weekend!

I might've fallen in love with this house while doing real estate "drive-bys" in a neighborhood we love in Athens

During this moment....she WASN'T meowing

I cannot WAIT to be sitting here tomorrow night having a cocktail!


  1. LOVE that house, too! I am obsessed with buying our first home. Like online every day looking for homes in Birmingham and we aren't even sure if we are definitely moving there... two years from now. I think I am crazy!

  2. That house is GORGEOUS!! I would stalk it for sure. That's actually one of my fave things to do when I'm down in Georgia visiting my sister - we go look at houses and pretend that we could afford to purchase a second home down there lol. Enjoy your long weekend!! Also - stock the bar - you could always do napkins and cute things like that because people always need towels/napkins/linens at their bars but they never remember to purchase them :)

  3. I always like to go to Total Wine and look in the aisle that has all the random stuff. That's not a very good description, but it has nice coasters, wine keys, and different types of bar and drinking stuff. My husband's parents got him the re-freezable "ice" cubes to put in bourbon and whiskey and he really likes them. :( Hope that's helpful!