Monday, May 18, 2015

Hot Dogs + Fluorescent Lighting + Weekend

Hey Pretty People! How was your weekend?? Our weekend was great, but is it weird to say that I was kind of happy to see Monday morning? Yes, weird? Ok forgive me :) 

Moving on.

Last week Natalie from Designer Bags and Dirty Diapers, posted about serving hot dogs over the weekend and that post threw me for a "hankering"! I immediately texted Steven and said that on Friday night we needed to grill out hot dogs, of course he was game! And so, on Friday evening we did just that.

Since I did a lot of prepping for the bachelorette party on Thursday, I was able to relax and enjoy Friday night. However, there was one thing I needed to do, paint my nails. We were enjoying our back patio so much after dinner and I did not want to go Steven came up with a solution for me....
I painted my nails outside with a fluorescent light! Hahaha! Surprisingly they look great! I've got a few chips today, but they looked great over the weekend. The polish is Essie Bottle Service, one of my favorite hot pinks!

Saturday morning I got up SUPER early for my cousin's high school graduation. Like 6AM early. Woof! I don't even get up that early most mornings for work.
He had 277 in his graduating class and the whole ceremony was over in less than two hours! Gotta love it when high schools have graduation down to a science.

Shortly after that I headed to Atlanta for the bachelorette party. But before all that started, Mackenzie and I had lunch on the patio at The Big Ketch. It wasn't margs and oysters on the half shell at the beach, but it was quite enjoyable! And of course we got to catch up some more after our lunch date last week.

 Afterward I checked into the hotel and started prepping! All details on the party coming Wednesday!

Steven's mom always sends me pictures of Steven from when he was younger if she finds them around the house. She sent this one on Sunday and I can't resist sharing!
He has been a cat lover from the beginning. Now only if I can get him to pose like this with Waffles and Cocoa Puff haha!

And that friends was our weekend!


  1. I usually don't do color on my nails, but this past weekend I tried out Sally Hansen polish that is supposed to be like shellac without the lamp. I'm still not sold on having color on my nails, but that could also be because I haven't quite perfected painting them myself. Lol. It's not too bad though! And now here I am thinking we need to have hot dogs one night this week!!