Monday, June 8, 2015

Let's Play Catch Up!

Hey y'all! I hate when I leave GG hanging. It is totally unintentional, but sometimes things just have to take a backseat, and most of the time its this blog. I am going to do my BEST to start blogging regularly again!!

Alright where shall I start??

Jessica's Bachelorette Party! 
We stayed at Embassy Suites, did dinner at Twist, then drank and danced the night away at Fado and Buckhead Saloon! We had an absolute blast! 

AACA May General Meeting 
I joined the Athens Area Cancer Auxiliary in the fall of 2010 in hopes to meet like minded ladies in my community and make new friends! Fast forward five years....I am going into my second year of serving on the executive board! I am so thankful for the many friendships that I have made through AACA but most importantly it is rewarding to see the impact that we make on the Athens area! This year our members put in almost 1400 hours of community service! 
2015-2016 Board and Leadership!

 Memorial Day

We spent Memorial Day weekend at the lake! After lunch on Friday, Steven and I headed up and then later that evening, my parents and aunt and uncle joined us. It was a great weekend of relaxing, and a lot of fishing on Steven's part! I was sad to see Monday come, but my awfully sunburned skin needed a break. I looked like a lobster. Apparently that expiration dates on sunscreen are for real and not just a suggestion. The next time you're getting ready to bask in the sun, check your expiration dates! 

My flowers that I planted are doing good! I guess I can keep something alive other than a silk plant :) of them is purple! I guess that it got mixed in with all the containers marked "salmon" grrrrr 

Jessica's Wedding Weekend! 
Jessica and Blake tied the knot this weekend! They had a beautiful ceremony at the Methodist church in downtown Hartwell followed by a fabulous after party at her parents home!! Late Thursday evening my mom and I headed out to the lake/Hartwell to take Sarah (Jessica's mom) some items that she needed and to see what kind of help we could offer her. Once my mom and I got back to our lakehouse, we ironed table cloths and tied programs! 
My mom and I see the same stylist, so I sent her this selfie Friday morning before the bridal luncheon because our "hair game" was on point! Hahaha! By the time we got back from the luncheon Steven and daddy were waiting on us at the lake. We hung out on the dock for a while then headed to dinner at Catfish Johnny's which is at our local marina. 

The sunset on the ride home was just stunning! There was no way to capture the light reflecting on the water, a photo couldn't do it justice! 

 Saturday was the big day! Jessica looked absolutely stunning! She was so happy!!! It's hard to believe that this is going to be in just a few short months! 
I wish that I had done better with the photo taking, but I was just so caught up in the moment! Steven has plenty on his phone that I need to steal!

Our Save the Dates went in the mail! 
As of today, 159 days to go! Not like I am counting or anything ;)

These nuggets are nine weeks old! 
Coco Puff
It is hard to think about giving them away, but we are a one cat kind of household. I love their sweet little faces, but Cornflake is just enough for us! So if you know of someone in the metro-Atlanta area who is looking for a sweet kitten, send them my way! georgiaglamblog @

Whew! And now you are officially caught up! Now back to your regularly scheduled blogging!


  1. Wowza y'all have been busy!! But, in the very best of ways!! So exciting save the dates went out! Whoop! Whoop!!

  2. Seems like a fun time! Twist is one of my very favorites...I could eat there Mac n cheese for days!

  3. Seems like a fun time! Twist is one of my very favorites...I could eat there Mac n cheese for days!