Monday, May 4, 2015

Yacht Rock, Yardwork and a Bike!

Last weekend was great, it is always nice to get away! But this weekend was equally as fun!!! Sleeping in and hanging out together was just as enjoyable!

Friday night was Yacht Rock at Georgia Theatre. We did dinner at Five Bar first, then headed over to the theatre. By the time we left, Steven was so pumped (having seen them for the first time), that he was trying to convince me to trade the catering for The Varsity food truck and let's get Yacht Rock as our entertainment! Hahahaha! If only that was really an option :)

Saturday morning we got up earlier than dad left his cell phone in Steven's truck and he was having "withdrawls". We grabbed chick-fil-a for breakfast and watched a little tv. Somehow we got sucked in to watching a cat show on Animal Planet....Cornflake was also sucked in.

She tried to get on the TV table and get close to the TV. She is a hoot I tell you! 

Hey! Why you lookin in my house?!?!?

That afternoon we hit Home Depot and Wal-Mart for the essentials: Tiki torches, Round-Up, New outdoor table and beer :)
I pulled weeds and fluffed the pinestraw. Steven cleaned off the chairs, table and grill. Once we were finished, we sat back and admired our work! For dinner we had grilled bbq chicken, baked beans and roasted brussel sprouts. Delish!

Sunday morning we were llllaaaazzzzyyyyy! I made us brunch, and around 1PM I got my first wave of energy for the day. When it was time for Cflake to have her kittens, she took a liking to Steven's closet (which is in our bedroom) but we moved her into my second closet, which is in the guest room. Since the kitten's arrival on April 9th, the guest room had been left alone. However, there were piles of clothes, I hadn't swept the floor, sheets hadn't been washed since the engagement party, so I tackled the cleanup.

After about two hours of work, it was finally looking like it was supposed to! And I crossed off one of my April goals - edit my closet! During this time Steven went to look for me a bike. He found three that he thought I would like and put them on hold. Later that afternoon we went back and I picked one out! I was able to "test ride" in the parking lot....and it was the first time that I had been on a bike in probably ten years! To be totally honest, it was a little scary! I was afraid of falling over!

But like the old saying goes "it is like riding a bike again" and we left the store this pretty blue one! Apparently they were all out of pink! Whomp Whomp.

Before dinner we went for a ride. I was just a little nervous, but I felt more confident by the time we left our neighborhood. We rode for 3.7 miles! Today my quads aren't burning/sore - I made sure to stretch - but that might not be the case tomorrow haha!

I have to give a big ole THANK YOU to my Momma, Daddy and Steven for buying this for me! I am really really excited about it!!!

And that friends was our weekend!

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  1. I love the fact that your cat's name is Cornflake! Adorbs!