Friday, May 1, 2015

The Great Monogram Debate

It is no secret that I love to monogram everything! Reese and I are kindred spirits in that "if it's not moving, monogram it"!

I am in need of a beach bag for summer, and last year my bestie gifted me this great plastic tote...well that plastic tote is so STURDY that it has turned into my grocery bag. (Don't hate me Ashley haha) Several years ago, Ashley gifted me my former beach bag, a pink jute tote. I would like to have another bag like herein lies my problem.

Do I use my current name? Or my soon to be married name?

Don't ask me why I am struggling with this. I always thought that after getting engaged, I would immediately switch to the married monogram, but now that I am in those shoes, I feel weird about it. There is no reason to feel weird about it I guess, my soon to be married name will be my name for the rest of my life. It isn't as if we're not engaged and just talking about getting married - we ARE getting married in six months!

Now what has brought this on? Other than the beach tote, two of my favorite bloggers have shared their new Barrington St. Anne Totes and I want one too!!!!!!!!! 
Granted, I have a TB tote and a RL tote, but I need this one too! And with this color combination, it would be great for UGA games and I wouldn't have to worry about ruining one of my nice handbags.

But enough about handbags....what is a girl to do?!?!?!

Married name? or Maiden name?

What did you do?? Let me know :)


  1. I'm in your same boat.. but I'm going ahead with my married Monogram! Mainly so I can get used to it! :) My future MIL bought me a bag to keep all my wedding planning stuff in and she put my new monogram on it!

  2. Go with your new name unless you don't plan to use the bag beyond 6 months :)