Friday, May 1, 2015

Five on Friday!

Can I get a "wooo-hooo" cause it is Friday? Awesome, I heard that from all the way over here :)

For the first time in almost three weeks, we will be at home on a Saturday! We are looking forward to yard work and grilling out! Never in a million years did I think I would be excited about pink gardening gloves and RoundUp, but I am haha!
But before I get all Ouiser from Steel Magnolias on you in my floppy hat and gardening clothes...lets round up the Friday Five!

1) My mom comes home today!!!! 
She has been in Florida for the past two weeks on business! I don't know who is more ready to see her, me or my dad!

2) We're going to see Yacht Rock tonight at Georgia Theatre tonight!
YRR, Winter 2012 @ Georgia Theatre
AACA Toast of the Town 2013 @ Georgia Theatre

Turkey Eve @ Egyptian Ballroom Fox Theate
My parents have seen them before, and I have seen them more times that I can count, but this will be Steven's first time! It will also be his first concert at Georgia Theatre, which in itself is a big deal! I need to get my hands on a captains mine has sprouted legs and walked off!

3) Cake
This was my birthday cake! Five samples from Last Resort!! Last Resort serves Cecilia Villaveces cakes as their desserts and so, when you need to do your tasting for your wedding cake, they send you to the restaurant! So for my birthday "dinner" we had cake and for "dessert" we had crab cakes and hummus haha!

4) I thought we had a dead kitten Wednesday afternoon.
Cocoa Puff and Waffles (she has been renamed from Captain Crunch) are in the waddling/almost walking stage and Cornflake has decided to start moving them around. Well she moved them to the corner of the guest bed and nightstand. Somehow, Cocoa Puff managed to get IN the lining of the box spring! After frantically searching for her for over five minutes, that was when I realized she was IN the lining. I began freaking out and she wasn't moving or meowing when I was touching her. I couldn't handle it. I almost began hyperventilating. I called Steven and I fought back tears when I told him what was going on. He got home and in less than five minutes had her cut out of the box spring.

She is fine, however we know that Cornflake was the one who put her in there...she can barely walk! Let alone hop up into a torn box spring. And said box spring was NOT torn until a certain feline came along. They have since been moved out of the guest bedroom into the office.

5) The struggle is real. 
I need pizza in my life, I also need more sports bras and workout tanks. If things fall into place properly, I will be throwing Steven a 30th birthday beach bash...complete with bathing suits. Might want to get on that running game. However....the little devil on my left shoulder is saying "treat yo self and eat some pizza for lunch". Anyone know how to make that little devil stop talking? Haha!

That is my Five on Friday! 
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