Wednesday, April 29, 2015

WW: Registry Favorites

When it comes to your registry, you will get all sorts of unsolicited advice, just like you will throughout your entire planning period.

"Don't register for anything too expensive"

"I ended up getting every single piece of my Dior china."

"No one bought us ANY of our bedding!" 

You see where I am going with this....

Once they placed that registering gun in our hands at Macys, Steven and I put whatever we wanted on there! Who cares if it is silly or there are 4,500,00000000 types of barware/drinking glasses on there?!?! That is what we wanted! AKA we like to drink lol

A few of our registry items at our local Gift-ware store - Carmichaels
And you will find that where you are life, that also effects what you register for. Since both of us lived alone for several years, we have two silverware sets, two sets of pots and pans and a shit ton of plates! But, we registered for all new items anyway! I am ready to whip up fabulous dinners in our new pots and pans and serve dinner on our monogrammed salad plates!

All in all, enjoy yourself while you are registering! Click to your little hearts desire, and then go back and edit. I waited about 5 days and then I went back to look at our Macys and Williams Sonoma items. I added and deleted a few items, but overall I was happy with our choices :)

So today I wanted to share with y'all some of my favorite registry items! 

1) Weber Gas Grill from Home Depot
2) Williams Sonoma grey floral tablecloth 
3) Mariposa casserole caddy 
4) Pickard monogrammed salad plates 
5) Williams Sonoma Pizza cookbook 
6) Macys Kitchen-Aid Stand Mixer
7) Macys Revo Suitcase

Married friends - what was your favorite item?? Single friends - what do you dream of adding on there?? For me, I KNEW that I wanted the stand mixer! What was a favorite that you gifted for a wedding that wasn't on someone's registry?? I look forward to seeing what y'all have to say!

Now I'm off for a margarita birthday lunch ;)

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  1. I thought registering was so fun! I went back and edited our registry several times before the big day. Plus when people buy stuff you can see what got purchased. That's kind of cheating I think, but oh well. Lol! Something we got that we didnt register for was a box case of wine. It had a special bottle for our 1 year anniversary and a bottle for 5 years and then a bottle for 10 years. It was thoughtful and I think it will be cool to open it on the big anniversaries. :)