Tuesday, April 28, 2015


Tomorrow you'll turn 29. And you have a few grey hairs to prove it ;)

Did you think this is where you would be?

Did you think that life could be as wonderful, positive and unbelievable as it is?

When you reflect on the past, "here" is not exactly where you thought you would be, granted you really did not know what 29 held for you. At 18 you thought you would be married with at least one child right now. At 25 you thought that you would at least be living in a different city, perhaps just gaining your footing in your career. And at 28, you THOUGHT you had everything figured out. You thought the guy you were dating was nice, you thought you had all your friends figured out, you thought that at this point in time right now, you would be four months away from opening your own store. In fact, you were so confident in that dream of your own store....you even told people about it!

Now, if you had told yourself at those ages that THIS is where you would be right now, you would have laughed.

It is funny, because even though those thoughts were great, THIS is where you are meant to be at this age.

It took ten plus years of dating assholes for you to find the love of your life. And that is totally OK, because those assholes taught you what you did and did not want in a spouse. All the nights that you cried your eyes out, they lead you to the man who still makes you cry, but those tears are tears of joy!

Your store is on the backburner, but the flame is not completely extinguished. The timing was wrong to open it, and even though now the timing might seem a little bit better, it isn't perfect. Don't give up on this, you will do it, even if it takes five years .

For the rest of your life, you will be figuring out people. People will float in and out of your life, some staying longer than others. But for the past ten years, you've had a handful of friends who have been there for you through thick and thin, and they aren't going anywhere.

Next month will be your five year work anniversary. Can you believe that?? Five years that you have "done cars". It has also taken you five years to come to terms that is your career. THIS is your legacy. Sure event planning is your bread and butter, and you wish sometimes that your job was more "glamorous", but it is what it is and it is time to own it and be proud of it!

In a little over six months from now you will say 'I Do' to the man who completes you. The man who you prayed for, for so long. The man who you almost thought would never come. He is the bread to your butter, your future baby daddy and the reason you smile everyday. And if THAT is not reason to celebrate 29...then I don't know what is!

29 is going to be filled with new and exciting chapters, that are only the beginning! 29 is going to lead to lifelong memories! 29 is going to be fabulous and you had better not forget it!

Tomorrow you'll turn 29...and "holding"...perhaps you should cover up those grey hairs! Hahahaha


  1. This is perfect LB! I am supposed to speak to a bunch of girls 20 and younger tomorrow for our youth group and this exact concept has been pressed on my life as of late. Thanks for reaffirming what I need to say! :)

    1. Sometimes I can turn our a meaningful post...but most of the time it is a re-cap about our shenanigans! Can't wait to hear how the "speech" goes!

  2. Love this!! Dreading turning 29 for the first time in July! I swear we are kindred spirits!!

    1. I am not scared to be pushing 30, cause like I said "29 and holding". However, 27 was the worst "20's" birthday I ever had! It'll be great birthday for you too!

  3. 29 will be GREAT for you!!! It's a big year in a girl's life. You will ROCK IT! :) Happy early birthday friend!