Monday, April 27, 2015

St. Simons Island Weekend! overload in this post! :)

I tell you what, when your in-lawns live on an island, it makes going home like a mini vacation!! This past weekend Steven and I took Friday off and we headed home to St. Simons for a little early birthday celebration for myself and his mom!
It is a 5.5 hour drive to get as you can imagine, we (I) were getting anxious on the ride down! I felt very much like a 5 year old saying "are we there yet?!", however, when you cross the bridges from Brunswick to the island and you see this, and it makes the drive totally worth it! 
This photo is un-edited, the sky was THAT blue on Friday!
Our first stop was at the beverage store and straight to the beach we went! We went out to the same area where Steven proposed, and we enjoyed a few beers together before heading to his mom's.

That evening we headed out for sushi at Fancy Q. Y'all, this is some of the best sushi I have ever eaten. I give this place two thumbs up and if you're ever in town, go have some sushi and sake!

After sushi we came home, relaxed and had chocolate mousse birthday pie! I would've taken a picture, but we ate it all...oops! I also got my birthday gift from Peggy and Dan, my FIRST item with my married monogram on it!!!!! 
The towel happens to perfectly match my Tory Burch beach bag that they gave me for Christmas! Peggy knows me so well :) I have never shared this before (or maybe I have) that Steven's stepfather is an artist. Dan painted an oil for me of the marsh for my birthday too!!! We put it up on our built-ins last night - picture to come soon.

Saturday morning Steven took me shopping for my birthday present, new Jack Rogers sandals! After we left the Cloister Collection, we hit up a few more clothing stores and then headed to Mullet Bay for drinks and apps .

While we were at Mullet Bay one of Steven's groomsmen came and joined us! This was the first time that I had met him!! We had a great time catching up and when we were finished, the three of us went and hopped on the golf cart and we rode around the North Shore of the island. For many, many years that my family came to St. Simons for weekends and getaways, this was a part of the island I had never seen. The houses were gorgeous, but the views on the tip of the island were beautiful!

Saturday night Steven and I had dinner just the two of us. There are so many places to eat on the island that it can make it hard to choose. I even had to go on Tripadvisor to help us make a decision!! We finally decided on The Rooftop at Ocean Lodge. On the website it has beautiful views of the ocean and it seemed just right!
I hate to report....but I would not recommend this restaurant. I should have known, when after we parked the car, a waitress hoped on the elevator with us with a tray full of food. Then once we arrived, there was no hostess, we waited close to five minutes and we ALMOST left. All in all, the view and the drinks made up for the service and the food. There are much better places to eat dinner!

Promise this long winded post is almost over!

We stayed up pretty late on Saturday night, so we didn't roll out of bed until close to l1 on Sunday. Before we left we knew EXACTLY where we wanted to eat lunch, Southern Soul. SS is BY FAR the BEST barbeque I have ever eaten in my life! There is nothing on their menu that is not good! In between the mac-n-cheese, pulled pork and coleslaw, I could not fight off the food coma that I fell into on the way home. 

And that was our absolutely wonderful, jam packed, fun, relaxing and all too short weekend! I can't wait to "go home" again :)

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