Friday, May 8, 2015

Five on Friday

Hey y'all! Happy Friday! Things have been a little quite around #clubcaudellcircle this week and I have just been taking in this fabulous weather and hanging out with Steven! But before I put you to sleep with our "boring-ness" let's break down the Friday Five!

1) Seriously??? Can you get any more sweetness in a photo? Nope :) 

2) Happy Hour at Taqueria Tsunami
Wednesday night the ladies and I got together for Happy Hour! We could not have asked for better weather and it was great catching up with everyone! We've seen each other a handful of times recently, but this was the first HH that we had done since January! Be assured that there will be one next month! 

3) "Healthier" Cinco De Mayo Meal
I've shared this before, but I am allergic to beef/red meat. "Adult on set" they call it.... woof! I would hurt someone for a Wendy's Junior Bacon Cheeseburger! So with that said, I have gotten pretty good at seasoning up ground turkey to use in tacos and turkey burgers! When we have a "mexican/southwest" meal I always saute some red pepper and onion before adding the turkey to it. For flavor I use Wildtree Adobo seasoning, hint of garlic powder, hint of crushed red pepper, worcestershire sauce and salt and pepper. Our tacos had turkey, white cheddar jalepeno cheese, roasted kale and salsa!

Speaking of Wildtree - I am also a BIG fan of their garlic grapeseed oil and chipotle lime rub!!! Click here to see their entire product catalog!

5) Do you follow the blog or IG account Whoa, Wait. Wal Mart? My friend Ashley turned me on to them several months ago and I am always surprised by the items that they post!! Just a few days ago they posted THESE shorts and I just knew I had to have them! Unfortunately, our local WM did not have them....but I picked up two other adorable pairs! 

The side scoop on the black shorts reminds me of shorts from the 70's. Not quite sure how I am feeling about the shorts with my ankle strap sandals, but I am sure I can put something with them! If you're in need a quick pick up outfit, then grab a pair of these shorts! They won't break the bank :) Granted they might fall apart after two washes, but for $7.88, you can replace them!

What is on your Friday Five list??? Link up today with April, Christina, Darci and Natasha for Five on Friday!! 


  1. Can't wait to see the rest of you engagement pics, I love the style of the photos! Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. Those kittens=adorbs! Your engagement pics are beautiful! I bet the rest are amazing! I like to cook half a jar of salsa in with my ground turkey when I make it for tacos (plus added seasonings). It's pretty good!!

  3. Love your engagement pics - they look awesome. Also, I have never heard of Whoa Wait Walmart before, and I wish that all of those items were available in Canadian walmarts lol. Guess I'll just have to make my sister do some extra shopping for me where she lives lol.