Wednesday, May 13, 2015

WW: Hosting a Bachelorette Party

I cannot believe that my wedding is in six months and 1 day! SIX MONTHS!!!!!! Let the countdown begin :)

But enough about mine, let's move on to the ones I have been in...and that would be eight weddings.

Yes, 8.

I was beginning to think that I was turning into Katherine Heigl in 27 Dresses haha! Eight weddings means eight bachelorette parties. Each party has been different, I don't think any two parties are the same! This weekend I will be hosting a bachelorette party in Atlanta for a dear friend of mine. Even though Jessica and I have been friends for life, I don't know a SINGLE person coming on the bachelorette party!! Her friends that I do know were unable to attend :/

So what is a girl to do in this situation where you don't know anyone and you're not hosting the party in your hometown???

You go with a fun and classic theme! 
LaLuna Designs - Etsy - HIGHLY recommend her shop!!!!!!!!!!!
The planning process began several months ago and I got the ball rolling with a questionnaire that I sent the bride. I asked her simple questions to get a general feel of the type of party that she wanted. Click here for my questionnaire. From that, I came up with our activities, location, overall feel and color scheme.

Lingerie showers...either you love them or you hate them. The bride DOES want one this weekend, so I staggered the hotel check-in time and shower start time by an hour and half. This gives guests time to check in and freshen up, not to mention it builds cushion just in case someone is running late!

Speaking of hotels, W brand is by far my favorite hotel brand for a bachelorette party! I love their modern feel, color palates and overall service. Since the bride wanted a lingerie shower, I needed a place for all of us to sit, not to mention I needed some sort of table for the gifts/snacks and a refrigerator for the punch/beer. 

Champagne, snacks and a "fiance game" are added elements to the lingerie shower. Some ladies need the bubbly to loosen up - not everyone is comfortable with skivvies haha - I wanted to offer a little snack since we'll be hitting the town for drinks and who doesn't love a funny round of 20 questions??

The bride requested that all attendees be in the same color attire. Most will know that we are a bachelorette party by the bride wearing her white+pink "bachelorette" sash, but to make our group more unified in the bars afterward, I picked up these matching Lilly Pulitzer koozies. Lilly P koozies are fairly inexpensive ($6) and they make a great favor! 

I scheduled dinner a little on the later side to allow for a cocktail pit stop in case the lingerie shower wraps up early. In the email, I asked the bride if she knew of any food allergies that the attendees had. How awful would it have been to go to a Brazilian steak house with two vegetarians?!?! I chose a restaurant that accepts reservations, has a large menu with a great lounge vibe!

After dinner, there are no plans! Yes, I have several locations that I know we want to hit, but I didn't want the night to feel "scheduled" and if someone else has ideas about what we should do, I did not want them to feel like their idea was not an option.

Just in case everyone is feeling rough the next morning, I ordered 'oh shit kits'.  Kits will include: mini gatorade bottles, advil, band aids, tums, hair ties, candy and granola bars. Call me crazy, but these might be my favorite favor that I have ever done!
ilulily - Etsy - Another great shop owner!
Last night I text the bride and told her how excited I was, even though it is her party! I cannot wait to document this weekend and show you all the details next week! Make sure to come back to Georgia Glam on the 20th for a reveal!


  1. That sounds like such a fun party!! I love the 'oh shit kits' - what a fabulous idea.

  2. this sounds like a great party! you did a great job asking her what she wanted. I've never done that before...mostly they just tell me what they want...but it's a great idea! sounds like it will be a great weekend!

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