Tuesday, May 12, 2015

The Small Stuff

Sometimes, it is the small stuff that can make you appreciate life more. I am really feeling blessed these days, and I could say it is because I am getting married. Or that fancy new bike I am riding. Granted, I think some of that contributes to my mood, but really, I think it is the smaller things that are making me feel good.

Last week I got to have lunch with this girl! 
It was a quick lunch, (aka no margs or wine haha) but we got to catch up for the first time since February. Mackie is one of my friends who doesn't "demand a lot". Our friendship works because we are both aware of what we have going on in each others lives. Sure, we sometimes go months without seeing each other, but it doesn't mean that we are any less friends than someone I see on a regular basis. And if things play out, I am going to get to see her again when I am in Atlanta this weekend! Whoot!

He has a sense of humor
Steven keeps me laughing all the time. Whether it be funny comments like this, or facial expressions or his AWESOME one liners! I tell you, I'm going to start writing them down, turn them into a calendar then sell it and become rich! Ahhhh, a girl can dream right? Haha!

My side of the bed 
This little girl is a mess. Seriously, she sounds like a gremlin, especially when either one of the kids are doing something wrong!! But irregardless of that, she will ONLY get on the bed via the right side - my side. So at night when we are getting ready to go to sleep, she usually curls up in the crook of my legs and that is where she stays. Cornflake knows who puts the food in her bowl ;) 
Our front door 
Our front door is hands down my FAVORITE aspect of our little house! This door is original to the house and is pushing 75 years old! When I pull up everyday, I love looking at it. I think the only thing that is missing is a red monogram!

What small stuff do you appreciate? Is it lunch with friends? Quirks in your home? Laughter from your spouse and friends?? Share with me!