Tuesday, April 7, 2015

White Out

I never thought that I had the thighs for white jeans, every time I would try a pair on, all I could see were "sausages". However, this mentality changed when I bought my winter white cords this fall!! A few weeks ago I picked up a pair of white jeans at The Limited and I am pretty sure I will be living in them for the rest of spring and summer!

My mom read an article to me out of Southern Living, where the interviewee said that her go-to outfit was a chambray shirt, white jeans and cowboy boots. She said that she wears her white jeans before and after Easter and Labor Day because they make her feel put together. Personally speaking, I can now totally relate! I broke the "cardinal rule" and wore my white jeans last week and I felt great!

Moving forward into the seasons, I threw together an inspiration board for tops to pair with my white jeans! Now only if I could snap my fingers and these tops would be in my closet haha!

What do you pair your white jeans with? Do you have the perfect jeans and top combo?? Share with me! Let's make spring and summer white out!

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  1. I just saw another post on white jeans!! I totally love them. But I'm not allowed to wear jeans to work anymore (blah blah blah) so I need to find a pair of white slack-like pants. Or just a step up from jeans and I could probably get away with them. Let me know if you've seen any good ones! I am def open to suggestions!