Monday, April 6, 2015

Weekend Rewind!

Hey everyone! I hope that your weekend was wonderful! One of the things that I love about Easter, is that it gives you a renewed relationship with Jesus, HE died on the cross for OUR sins without even knowing us. How amazing is that? I am saved by HIS grace.

The only picture of us in our Easter best. After church (which was packed!! I had to apologize in advance to the couple sitting next to us just in case my stomach growled lol ) we headed to my parents for Easter lunch with my mom's side of the family. Once we were in a borderline food coma, we came home for a Easter nap! The day ended with quesadillas and we opened a bottle of wine that was given to us at our engagement party.

Saturday was gorgeous! This picture does not do what I was physically seeing justice. The way that the light was shining through the trees, it was beautiful!! We are so thankful that we do not have anyone who lives behind us, so we get to look at nice greenery! Which that picture might look like overgrown woods to you, but when your old townhouse balcony overlooked a 1830's're thankful for this sight haha!

After we completed our Home Depot registry, we ran to the grocery right quick for a few things and to grab something for dinner on the grill.

We very much enjoyed our afternoon on the patio!! I especially enjoyed sitting down as I ran my first 5K of the year Saturday morning! It was quite chilly!! Under the carport before leaving it did not feel too bad, when I was standing at the start line, I was freezing!

My map my run and my actual time were off. When I crossed the finish line, the timer said 33:18, so I'll "take" the time of 32 minutes 19 seconds haha! In my personal opinion, 5Ks are harder than 10Ks, you don't catch your stride until about 2.5 miles in, and then suddenly the race is over! I honestly could have kept running, however my legs would have been HATING me later!

Friday evening, I joined some friends for a Good Friday church service and then we headed to 5 Bar afterward for dinner. Steven was not feeling very well so he stayed at home. I hated to leave him, but at the same time I hated to miss church and time with my friends. A girlfriend of mine told me that this "torn" feeling will always be something you feel. Whether it be with your friends or his friends or having to split up parties - one go to one, the other another - and so while I felt bad, I still went and I enjoyed the fellowship....just not nearly as much as I would have, had he been there. I will say that he did enjoy BUSTING my chops when I got home and a little more on Saturday morning. The man knows how to push my buttons! 

Earlier in the afternoon, my mom met me at Carmichaels - local store where we are doing a registry - and I got to pick out the pieces for our fine china setting! 
This picture isn't exactly the best, but this is our setting! The charger is Juliska, the dinner plate is my grandmothers that was given to me after my grandfather passed, and the salad plate is Pickard monogram. Not going to lie.....I am REALLY excited about the monogrammed salad plate! Everything looks so good together and I feel proud to be using something that was my grandmothers, I hope to get to pass the China along on day :)

And that is all folks! Tah-tah for now!

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  1. love your setting! I have several sets of fine china I am inheriting too! I might steal your idea of blending it with something new!! Love the monogram salad plate! I've moved blogs... follow my engagement, wedding planning, new life over at