Friday, April 3, 2015

Five on Friday!

You know what today is....Friday! Whoot Whoot! Per the usual routine I am linking up with April, Caroline, Darci and Natasha for Five on Friday!

1) Since when did red skittles go from cherry to strawberry?!?
As an avid purple-bag skittle eater I have missed this catastrophic change! Y'all I swear it tastes different. swear it. #callmecrazy

2) Pretty sure Cornflake is preggo 
Yea, see that belly? And those nipples? (TMI, LOL) Pretty sure that there are some kittens brewing in there. Initially the vet did not think that she was expecting, but we have since changed out minds. We are thinking that in about a week or two she will probably have them.....anyone want a kitten??? When we first expected this, we decided that we are going to keep one of them, and his/her name will be Captain Crunch! Unless she has little black kitties, then his/her name will be Cocoa Puff! You would think that we like cereal or something??? ;)

3) Zucchini boats are delicious. 
recipe found on Katrina Runs!
The last time that I made us a "boat" of spaghetti squash, we both got sick as a dog. Granted we do not think it was the squash, but more lettuce from the salad that had bacteria on it, irregardless Steven was quite skeptical. After we both took the first bite, we were SOLD! If you're looking to have a great low carb dinner, I highly recommend this recipe!

4) Our getaway car is painted!

5) And here is the backstory on the car....

On March 29, 2009, our showroom was broken into and two cars were stolen from my dad's business. One car was a customers that was for sale, the other car was my dads personal 1974 Camaro Z28. The reason why the theft of this car was so awful, is that my grandfather bought this car BRAND NEW for my dad in 1973 for high school graduation. My parents drove this car on their honeymoon and the first year of their marriage. My grandfather was one who wasn't for spoiling - except when it came to his grandchildren - so this was a BIG deal at the time when he bought this for my dad. In the early 1990's my dad took this car out of storage and did a full frame-off restoration to get her back into showroom quality. Since the 90's my dad had maintained this car in storage and only brought it out on special occasions.

The week before the theft, we had a car show at our business, one of those special occasions that daddy would bring it out for. We fully believe that the thieves came to the car show to "scope out" the theft. It was a very somber Sunday when the theft was discovered.

Five years passed. My dad never gave up "hope" that he would one day find his car, but he would go through phases where he would pursue every lead that he had, or he would just scan the CraigsList ads for a 1974 Camaro.

I will never forget the morning that my dad said that he found his car. YES, what you are reading is correct, my dad found his car on CraigsList, about an hour away from where we live! Unbelievable right? This is something that plays out in a movie, we are just blessed to actually be living it!

Long story short, the police possessed the car, returned it to the insurance company and then my dad turned around and bought it back from the insurance company.

FIVE YEARS AND TWENTY DAYS later, the Camaro was back in my dads possession!!!!!!!
Fast forward a year later and the Camaro is now being restored and it should be fully restored and ready to drive by July! Plenty of time to cruise around in it before our big day! Both Steven and my dad are car guys, so I am lucky that they have that in common, but we feel that we are lucky too, in that we get to drive away in the same car that my parents did 40 Years, 11 Months and 28 Days ago. They got marred on November 16, 1974! Our anniversary will be almost 41 years to date of theirs!

So needless to say....the Camaro is pretty special :) 

I hope that everyone has a wonderful Easter weekend!
 "For he is not here; he has risen, just as he said. Come and see the place where he lay" 
Matthew 28:6 


  1. Might be the coolest story ever and such a cool thing to share with your parents. If I were close I would take a kitten, my brother is HUGE cat lover and his baby needs a sibling, but alas, you are not close. Lol.Have a good weekend lady!

  2. so many things i love about this post. the first is that i did not know the flavor of the red skittle changed. i like cherry. :( 2. what did you stuff the zucchini boat with? it looks delish! 3. i LOVE love lOVEEEEE cereal!! haha. and animals. so naming your animals after cereal is awesome. and the camaro story is great. so happy that you guys got it back and you get to have a family heirloom as amazing as that to be apart of your wedding. and I'm sure it will make for beautiful photos!!! :)

  3. WOW! That picture brought back memories for me. My car for my senior year of high school was the 1974 Camaro Z28. Mine was black, but I love that blue color. That paint shop really does some pretty amazing work. If I ever find one for a project, I am certainly looking up the car painter to restore mine for me.