Thursday, April 2, 2015

April Goals!

Hey there!! I hope that no one got "fooled" too bad yesterday! Thankfully no one played a joke on me, while I like a surprise, I'm not a big fan of being the "but of a joke"!

I have seen a lot of bloggers talking about cleaning out their closets lately. I am jumping on that bandwagon too! So let's get right into my April Goals.....

1) edit my closet
I pinned this article a while back, but it offers some pretty practical advice! I can totally relate to the dress and skirt advice! Click HERE for the article. For some reason "editing" versus "cleaning out" just seem so chic! LOL

2) establish a morning routine 
Cornflake had to get in on the morning routine too!
Now that we are back on a normal schedule and Steven will not be traveling for a while, I want to get into a morning routine. For years I tried/would put off doing my devotional until bedtime and it worked when I was in bed alone. Now that we typically go to bed at the same time, I try not to read unless I cannot go to sleep. We do not have to be at work at the same time - thankfully - but I have been getting up with Steven in the mornings at 6. I am liking this time as my devotional time, it is a great way to get my day started! I am also considering adding a brief walk around the neighborhood when I am finished. The Peachtree will be here before I know it and I need to get in better shape! 

3) fill up those envelopes!
These appeared on GG a few weeks ago, now it is time to start filling them with "dolla dolla billz yo". Don't know where that came from, haha, guess I've been listening to the "back that azz up" Pandora station a little too much!

4) do not fall back into Facebook 

I gave up FB and Insta for Lent in order to be more "present" at home with Steven. I have terribly missed IG and I cannot wait to get back to it, but as for FB, I think we're going to keep our once a week relationship. Perhaps it is because those who I follow on Insta are mostly, fellow bloggers, boutiques and the occasional celeb. Since I do not "know you" in real life, when you post that awesome pic of you and your husband while traveling, or a cute new outfit, I don't see it as you trying to keep up with "the joneses", but if it is someone that know in real life, it will sometimes ping me with jealousy. Call me crazy...that is just how I feel about it.

And that is all for April, but before you go...let's see how I stacked up for March!

1) Save for Honeymoon - see above envelope - I have talked to a travel agent, so hopefully we can get the trip squared away and I'll know just how much we need to put back. So... I would consider this a "fail" lol 

2) Hang up our degrees - HA! - "fail" 

3) Complete registry - We have created two out of four registries at the places we have decided upon - so this is a fa-win...."fail/win" 

4) Register for a 5K and start running - "WIN!" - Total win, the 5k is this Saturday!!!!

How did you stack up on your March goals?!?! Tell me about them!!!

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