Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Wedding Wednesday: Engagement Party Re-cap!

Hey y'all! Happy Hump Day!

This past weekend was our engagement party hosted by parents and Steven's father. It was held at the GORGEOUS McDaniel-Tichenor House and we had about 80 people attend! Guess you could say that we got a small taste of what our wedding reception will be like!
The pre-party got started at our house around 5:30 that afternoon. We live about a mile away from the MTH house, so we invited our closest friends over to see the house and have champs and cocktails. The actual party began around 6:30 and shortly after that all of our friends and family start coming in! It was quite hectic (not going to lie) trying to talk to everyone, give hugs, accept gifts - which we weren't even expecting! - drink my wine and keep up with my fiance!
My mom, Stevens mom and I
We were only missing two from our bridal party! My dad gave a little toast and jokingly "thanked" Steven for taking me off of his hands! Haha! What a jokester! Steven's dad also said a few words and there were a lot of cheers. I can only image what our MOH and Best Man will have to say at the wedding :)

Bridal Party

Liz, Peggy and Steven
All in all it was a great evening and we felt so loved that everyone wanted to come celebrate our engagement! But the most exciting part is that in just a few months, we'll get promoted from fiance to husband and wife!

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  1. Wow! That's a gorgeous venue! You look beautiful as well! & yes, that's just a taste of how your reception will go! I remember saying all too much "Where's my husband!?" Lol!