Wednesday, April 8, 2015


I'm currently: 

Listening -  Maroon 5 Sugar - I love this song so much!!! I am actually thinking about having our bridal party announced to this song at the reception! 

Eating - more like what am I not eating??  There is a lot of Kale consumption going on at my house so at least there is that. Steven also bought some Little Debbie cakes when I sent him to the store for eggs and coffee there is that too. haha. 

Drinking - 2-3 cups of morning coffee, 2 afternoon H2O bottles, 1-2 beers or glasses of wine a night
Reading - Hope to Die, Alex Cross by James Patterson.
Jamey P. is my homeboy and I have been a big fan of his novels since I was a teenager! Alex Cross is by far my favorite character of his, but this book is his most latest A.C. novel, so I am thinking about starting his Womens Murder Club series next.  

Feeling - happy!  

Weather - If the pollen would go away, I would be a happy camper.
Wanting - A bajillion dollars, world peace, run for 5 minutes and loose 10 pounds, new car, someone to do all my grocery shopping for me, a maid, grow a few inches, the ability to time travel, oh...and the metabolism that will allow me to eat whatever I want without getting fat! 

Ahhhhh, a girl can dream right??
Waiting - On Conflake to have her kittens. 
I had to keep it "real"...Cornflake doesn't always look like a cat model lol
However I still think that I am in denial, I don't think that her having kittens is going to hit around week 2 after they are here and we have to keep them ANOTHER four-five weeks. When we took her to the doctor, he didn't think that she was pregnant...I wonder if there is some kind of discount since he was wrong??? I have also told Steven that I wanted to invent a pregnancy test for cats! Bahahaha. I mean you just stick it in their litter box and then you get one pink line or two!
 I crack myself up.

Watching - Bloodline on Netflix. We started it last night, the first episode was a little slow, but I was completely sucked in by end of episode three!
Thinking - about cake and wine and a chick-fil-a #1 no particular order.
Enjoying - our crazy busy schedule for the next month or so! You might be scratching your head as to why I am excited about being busy....but
 JLA Live on the Lawn - this weekend!
2nd Annual Barstool Classic - next weekend!
Steven's best friend and wife are coming into town - April 24th!
My BIRTHDAY!!! April 29th!
Yacht Rock Concert! May 1st!
North Georgia winery tours with friends - May 2nd
Jessica's Bachelorette party! - May 16th

And that is your current Georgia Glam 411! 


  1. i just started bloodline on monday night. i'm so addicted. my friend said that the last 4 eps you need a paper bag to breath into. haha. but i'm really diggin' it. can't wait to finish!

  2. I'm just about to finish Hope to Die and it's AMAZING!!! Women's Murder Club are good books too!! LOVE me some JP!!

  3. are we reading soulmates? pretty sure me and j. patterson have been buds since i was like 10. i LOVE LOVE LOVE alex cross and i definitely suggest the women's murder club series i just finished the 13th book in that series. those girls are like my fake friends. hahah. just kidding that sounded weird. awkward. i know. but still. and let me add that when it comes to thinking- my mind is always on food!!