Monday, March 9, 2015

Weekend Rewind

Hey y'all! I hope that you had a great weekend! I was sad to see Sunday go, but I am excited that Steven is in The Classic City all week for work. Hello Creature Comforts on a Tuesday and maybe some Transmet pepperoni pizza :) or Peking for Chinese!! I mean I'm not on a wedding diet or anything haha.

Friday after work, I made a mad dash to Wal-Mart for all of the "essentials". $190 later...... I was back at home with a glass of vino (and 50 million other things) waiting for me. We tag teamed most of the work and we ended our evening with pellet gun target practice out the office window. We're not rednecks or anything!
Can you see the can??
Saturday morning we did a little bit of yard clean-up and then I headed to get my nails done. Since Thanksgiving I had been wearing gel polish on my nails, I got the polish removed and for about three weeks I let my nails breathe. But I decided that they had had enough! There is just something about having polished nails all the time that makes me feel more feminine, even when I am not put together.

Steven's mom arrived later in the afternoon and we headed to The Graduate for a cake tasting with Classic City Confections. We sampled red velvet, lemon w/raspberry filling, pumpkin spice and Italian wedding cake. Nom Nom Nom. Italian wedding cake was my favorite!! After all that sugar we needed something to cut the sweet so we ventured over to The World Famous for a round of Chupacabras.
Forgive me for posting a ring selfie! My nails just look too good
It was a little late when we returned home, we were just having such a good time at World Famous. After turning on some tunes and opening a bottle of wine, I put on my apron and go to cooking! Steven was showing his mom the house and they were catching up. It was great to hear him talk about the house, I could hear the pride in his voice. Our little house has come a long way and we both take pride in how we've tried to decorate our home. For the shrimp marinade, I threw this together:
chili powder
garlic powder
I did not measure anything out. I just shook it in the bowl, stirred it all up, and adjusted accordingly. Go easy on the sugar, that is the ingredient that you will need the least of. Before putting them on the skewers, I drizzeled a little olive oil over the shrimp, then added the seasonings. I cut a lime in half and squeezed the juice out right before putting them on the grill. Y'all, they were SO GOOD!!! I'm getting hungry just thinking about them!

Peggy captured this funny picture of Steven messing with Cornflake....gah I am glad that she puts up with us haha!
I shared with y'all on Friday that I was making blueberry french toast in the crockpot for breakfast. Well, the recipe was kind of a dud, it was not nearly sweet enough. If for some reason I decide to make this again in the future, I will add a cinammon sugar layer on top of the bread/egg/blueberry mixture. Shortly after breakfast Peggy headed back to St. Simons. We were sad to see her leave, but it was a great visit and she was our first official houseguest! So now the guest room has officially been "broken in".

The rest of the afternoon was spent practicing our favorite deadly sin, sloth, but around 6 o'clock we got up and walked our neighborhood several times.

Pretty sure I defeated the purpose of exercise, 'cause I at this piece of bacon before leaving the house. Bacon....the only reason why I am not a vegetarian. Also, don't judge my white legs, its the first week of March and I haven't broken out the sunless tanner yet!

The weekend ended with a little tv watching, dinner and packing. What about yours??


  1. So many things about this post remind me of me haha. First off I can never get in and out of a store without buying something that wasn't on my original list. It's sad. I also love the fact that you are shooting pellets out the window. I got a compound bow and I set my target up in front of our garage door sometimes (when nobody is inside of the garage obviously). It feels super redneck to shoot a bow in the driveway, but we don't have anywhere close to do it! And ring selfies are a must up until your wedding. Somedays it just sparkles so much it needs to be captured. :)

  2. Bacon = protein before a workout, = good.