Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Wedding Wednesday: Create a .com??

Hey pretty people! It is a warm 78 degrees here today and the wind is slightly blowing and I have every intention of finding a patio with some wine after work!

In today's WW post, I have a question for you fellow brides out there....did you create a wedding website?

My glorious, awesome, wonderful (no, seriously she deserves that description) wedding planner gives me a monthly check list so that I can stay ahead in the planning process. There were two things that I did not accomplish last month, starting our registry and creating a website. I am really looking forward to registering - hello new grill, kitchen aid mixer and plates! Gah, I love plates :) But the website, I am not compelled to do. Honestly, the only time I ever go to someones website, is to check where they are registered if they haven't responded to my text/email asking where they are registered. 

About 35% of our guest list lives within a 1.5 - 2 hours away from where we are getting married. And I would say about 70% of our guests lives within 30 minutes, so there are not many guests who need overnight accommodations. 

When we first got engaged, I was exciting about building one! But now, I could take it or leave it.

So, having read those random paragraphs, what do you suggest? Build one? Leave it alone? Hire a skywriter to fly above my friends houses with the logos of the places we registered on it? The latter would probably be ideal! Hahahaha :)

And since this post doesn't have a is one that I took this morning when I realized that everything about me was screaming "wannabe lifestyle blogger"!
Ray-bans: check. Pink: check. Pearls: check. Starbucks: check. Gel mani: check. Bling: check. Fiances Tahoe cause it is nicer than mine: check. Hope y'all have a great Wednesday!!


  1. I'm not a bride and probably won't be any time soon but I have seen a lot of cute wedding websites on :) I LOVE reading about how a couple met, the engagement story, and all the wedding details. That might be an option for you!

  2. Just do it. Its not so much for you, but for others. The story, pics... its fun. Nothing fancy.

  3. We had (still have) a wedding website. It had pictures of us, directions to our location, info about our after party, accomodations, registry, and we also did RSVP & song requests on it. Let me know if you want to see it and I'll send you the link. :)