Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Wedding Wednesday: Save The Dates

Hey pretty people! I was going to bring you some photos today of #clubcaudellcircle and the work we've done to improve our little home, but I must talk about an experience that I had yesterday.

A good one.

If a bride ever tells you that planning her wedding was 100% stress free....she is full of sh*t. Seriously. Maybe it is because we are having such a large wedding, or perhaps it is because I have caviar tastes and on a cornbread budget, but thus far planning has been quite stressful.

Don't get me wrong, the stress is worth it. Other than the days that our children are born, this is the most important day of our lives thus far, and I want it to be great. Hell, not great, WONDERFUL!!!

We cannot decide on a save the date design. Having a double name complicates things, especially when you are trying to manipulate something online and you can't and the only option is to pay $15 to contact a "design" specialist. Yea, no. Thus far in our (my) search I have not found any designs that I am just in LOVE with. I personally feel like a save the date sets the tone for you entire wedding. It is the first piece of paper that your guests receive and it will remain in sight until your invitation takes it place. So naturally, I want it to beautiful and perfect.

I was updating my wedding planner the other day as to where we stood on decisions - I finally picked a caterer! - and I mentioned to her the struggle of picking a save the date. She recommended that I go to a local stationary and gift store, Plain Jane Designs. They were on my list for invitations, but not saves.

Yesterday afternoon my mom was in Athens running errands and I left work early to pick up parts from one of our distributors, so we had some time to kill before my board meeting. We met a Plain Jane's and had paper laid out in front of us in just a matter of minutes!! The associate that we worked with, Sallie, was just great! And it turns out that she is good friends with my friend (and florist!), Brett. Athens is small world!

I have always been a touch/see/feel it kind of person. Online clothing shopping and I are not friends haha. So when I got to touch/see/feel paper designs in front of me, I suddenly felt relieved and stress free about picking a save the date.

Granted, I know that we have to ACTUALLY pick one now, but let me tell you about that... On Saturday we will be in town for a cake tasting, Sallie told me that I could come by the store and take home our favorite samples to look at. Meaning, we'll take able to look at them together in a no pressure environment, and honestly make a good decision together! Who does that these days?? I just want to scream from the rooftops "THIS IS CUSTOMER SERVICE".

Moving forward, something else that excites me, is that if we choose a custom Save the Date, those design elements can be carried throughout our entire paper suite for the rest of the wedding! Invites, programs and thank you cards! 

I am looking forward to working with Plain Jane and having paper that is tailored to Steven and I!

And if this experience is the only thing that is stress free... I'll take it!


  1. love the 2nd one! simple and the font is beautiful! :)

  2. Yaay!!! Anything that takes a little stress away while wedding planning is a good thing!!