Thursday, March 5, 2015

#clubcaudellcircle updates!

Hello Hello!! Before I break into this post, I need to talk about Mother Nature here in Georgia for a moment. Tuesday: rain in the 60's, Wednesday: sunny with a HIGH of 73, Thursday: rain in the 40's. I mean seriously?!?!?! How can I get a prozac into the atmosphere because Mother Nature needs to chill haha.

Last week I shared with y'all that I was spray painting all the door knobs and catches in our house.

I am happy with the end result! I did have to go around and color all of the screws because some of them were still very bright brass, but that wasn't anything a sharpie couldn't fix. I am not happy with the doors that do not have catches and latches that do not match up. Unfortunately some of the paint on the catch has already gotten scratched off, that is just one of the things about an older (1950's) home. BUT I have a quick short-term solution for that...nail polish! And ironically I have this brown OPI polish that matches quite well!! My car is red, I've also used an OPI red color to fix a little ding on my hood from a rock. #creative

Steven has been wanting to re-do our bathroom since we moved in. I personally liked my stripe shower curtain and I just put off buying new bathroom items because I could better use the money in other areas of the house. This past weekend, we gave Target A LOT of our pretty pennies, but the end result is completely worth it!!!

Hey y'all!
As you can tell.....there is not much to our bathroom. Mind you, this is our ONLY bathroom. When we first moved in, I was totally worried about on having one bathroom, now we are adjusted to it. Luckily we do not have to get ready at the same time in the mornings, so there is no fighting over counter space.

You would not believe how much I LOVE the bathroom now! It feels so clean and fresh! I never would have thought that colors verses neutrals would make or break a room, but in our case it did!

Our bedroom is almost complete, I'm talking just need to hang the wall art and buy two more candlesticks complete. Here are before and during pictures:
When we first moved in
Trying out new bedding
At first Steven was not a fan of the new Pottery Barn (Mackenna Paisley) bedding, he said that it was too busy. But after working my decorating magic and adding contrasting pillows, we both love our bedroom! I honestly feel like it is the perfect blend of feminine and masculine, in between the colors and patterns.

And that's all folks! I'll share some living room updates as soon as I put the finishing touches on that room..but at this rate it might be May :)

Info on decor:
Spray paint - Rust-oelum Universal in Oil Rubbed Bronze
Original shower curtain - Target Threshold
New shower curtain is Threshold but I cannot find it online
Towels/Rugs - Nate Berkus in Creamy Chai
Bathroom accessories - Threshold
Knobs - Threshold
Duvet cover and shams - Mackenna Blue, Pottery Barn
Sheets - Calvin Klein
Coverlet - Stein Mart (several years old)

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