Thursday, February 26, 2015

Thursday Tidbits

Hey y'all! Hope all is well! I'm a little disappointed today as we didn't get any snow. It was almost as if Mother Nature cut Metro-Atlanta in half and said "the top half gets snow and the bottom half gets nothing! Bahahaha". However, I checked the weather earlier and apparently we are going to be in the high 60's next week.....

Mother Nature needs a prozac. 

I started a DIY project in the warehouse yesterday at work...operation spray paint door knobs!
Now that all of the doors have finally been painted, I just hated to put the outdated (not to mention tarnished) brass knobs back on. After pinning THIS pin, I decided to go for it! The knobs have now cured for 24 hours and will be going on the doors tonight. Update with pictures to come tomorrow!

Since there was a threat of snow, I sent Steven to the store for essentials (wine and beer) and while he was there I asked him to get a few extra ingredients for cookies. There is just something about being stuck inside and having something homemade to snack on. I tried out a new flourless peanut butter and chocolate cookie recipe. Not quite sure if it was the new element in the stove or the parchment paper or just the fact that baking is not my thing, but the first round of cookies were awful and burned on the bottom. However, the second round was successful! These cookies are very, very rich and to me it called for wine, not milk, to accompany them!
Wine: Rex Goliath Pinot Noir, Plate: Pier 1, PJ's Victorias Secret
Tomorrow is the day that we will find a bridesmaids dress! I just have a good feeling!!!!! I swear I sent 25 dresses to the associate at Bridals by Lori for the girls to try on. Fingers crossed!

And that's all that is going on around these parts! Til tomorrow, xo!

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