Friday, February 20, 2015

5 Before Monday

I hope you're holding on to your seats, 'cause this post is loaded and I'm beginning to rev up my inner Super Woman lol. Here are the five MAJOR things that I want to accomplish before Monday....

1) Finish painting the damn doors in our house. Y'all, they have had one coat of paint on them since November. Steven's mom is coming to stay in two weeks, then two weeks after that we are having an engagement party and we will have out town guests then too. It.Has.To.Be.Done. HAS TO!
2) Buy a meat mallet/flattener thing for Steven. Ever since he saw the meat sushi recipe, he has been talking about making a stuffed chicken breast with a cream cheese stuffed jalapeno in it. I have never flattened/beat chicken before but I am down with anything that is stuffed with cream cheese, so off to Wal-Mart or Target before going home to today.
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3) Hang guest room curtains. In this room we have two different sized windows, I was not thinking about a 36" rod not being long enough so I had to go back and exchange for the bigger size. The brackets are in the wall for one window and the whole other rod set-up is just chilling on the nightstand and the curtains are draped over the bed. They've been there so long I've almost gotten used to looking at a solid on the bed verses the paisley print that is underneath!! Every other curtain rod in our house is oil rubbed bronze, except this room. This room has more of a coastal feel, as the color palate is pewter, green, light green, some blues and creme, so we opted for silver rods. Steven actually picked these out at Wal-Mart and I like them. They aren't the fanciest thing in the world, but its our first house, this is the guest room and we are ballin on a budget lol.
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4) Select a bridesmaids dress! I am meeting up with Tara and Liz on Sunday for another round of bridesmaid dress try-ons! I don't know if I was overwhelmed the first time, or if it was just the first time that everyone was meeting after us having gotten engaged, but I am determined to find just the RIGHT dress that all three of my ladies will love!

5) Survive 1-4! Hahaha!

I hope that everyone has a great weekend! Don't forget to link up with the lovely ladies of 5 on Friday!

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  1. Did you get all of this done?! :) You should check out modcloth online. They have so many nice dresses that can be used as bridesmaids dresses! I actually got mine from David's bridal. But had I not got those I would have definitely checked out modcloth.