Thursday, February 19, 2015

True Life Thursday

Hey pretty people! It's almost the weekend! Whoot Whoot! I wanted to bring y'all a post that is funny and down to earth. Sometimes in the blogging world people are not 100% upfront about "real life". No one talks about arguing with their husbands, no one talks about their dirty bathroom floor or embarrassing texts/pictures between friends.

So today, I am bringing all of that.

 Steven gets pictures of me like this throughout the day.....

Sexy right??? I mean who doesn't want to come home this face? ;)

I practice writing my new name everyday.
For some reason, writing Caudeel not Caudell seems more natural? Weird. Luckily, I've got a few months to practice!

Oh look, my white notepad again....
I sketched this dress and sent it to the associate that I am working with at Bridals By Lori. This was the dress that was everyone's second choice the Sunday we tried on dresses. I didn't take any pictures of it nor did I take the picture of the tag. The black sharpie was meant to represent satin.... lol. We were able to figure out the dress from this sketch! Maybe I've got a future as an artist!!!

This room caused us to get in an argument last night.
This "gorgeous wood paneled rectangle" caused me to get an attitude with Steven. No matter which way we arrange our furniture, this room just seems to have our goat. I stormed out the door - on the way to church no less - and after about 10 minutes I realized just how ridiculous the whole situation was. In the middle of the church service I pulled out my phone and apologized. I figured that the big man would forgive me this one time....

In the opening paragraph I mentioned a dirty bathroom floor. Now that is one thing I will not show, cause let's get real, no one wants to see that!

Til tomorrow! Xo


  1. Real life....I love reading about people's real life.

  2. love real life posts from other people, because my real life always feels like distorted reality :) and i have to add that i take pictures like that and send them to people to. not even limited to my fiance. lol