Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Wedding Wednesday

Ahhh! My first Wedding Wednesday post! My goal for 2015 is to keep the wedding posts to a minimum on here, because life goes on, and personally as a reader I don't want to continually read about your veil or tulle issues every time your blog comes up in my dashboard. So with that said, unless something huge/monumental/funny/must share comes along, I will have weekly "wedding wednesday" posts!

It has been 13 days since we got engaged. I don't know what most people have accomplished by this point in time, but here is where we stand:

Bridal Party - Check!

Matron of Honor - Ashley
Maid of Honor - Tara
Sister of the Mister - Liz

Best Man - David
Groomsman - Putnam
Groomsman - David

Flower Girl - Emersyn
Flower Girl - Caroline
Ring Bearer - Jacob

Vocals for the Ceremony - Hance

Three venue visits:

9 Oaks Farm 
The Engine Room
The Mill at Yellow River 

Two wedding planners interviewed.

Guest list excel sheet made.

Engagement photos booked. Click here for our inspiration! 

Attire for getting ready.
Just kidding! Well kinda. Maybe? Not really. Hahahaha.

Wedding dresses tried on!!


Now this, hands down, has been my favorite thing! Yesterday my mom and I went to I do I do Bridal Boutique in Athens for me to narrow down the style of gown I would like. I tried on eight dresses and I narrowed it down to two looks. I would describe one as "romantic" and the other as "glamorous". They are different, but they are both beautiful and I truly felt like a bride in both of the dresses! I also determined that I am not a veil bride. For the longest time I thought that I wanted a cathedral length veil and that my dad would lift the front piece after he gave me away. However while standing there yesterday, with each veil the associate put on me, I turned each one down. It was almost as if the veil took away from the feeling of each dress. Granted I could change my mind, but as of right now, no veil.

And that is that.

Tonight our house is a "wedding free zone". There will be no talking about it, no looking at photos. Nada. While yes, talking about the wedding is important, I don't want that to be our focus every.single.night. So after work I'll be picking up a bottle of wine and heading home to make spinach mushroom risotto and curl up on the couch with the mister!

We are about 99% sure on what venue we want....can you guess which one?? See y'all tomorrow for Thursday Tidbits!


  1. Oh my goodness girlfriend you have a ton of stuff done and/or started already!! Awesome job!! There's of course PLENTY more to do but you're off to a really good start! & don't put too much pressure on yourself to not have a convo about wedfng stuff just yet. There will come a time where you really don't want to talk about it or it just comes natural. You're only 2 weeks in so you're allowed to be excited & talk about it!!

  2. Keep the wedding stuff coming...SO fun to read about! And you living so close to my city makes it even more great for some reason, ha! I have been reading your blog since you first began posting at "a table for one" so even though I don't know you, I'm still excited to read all about your new journey as you enter this new season of your life. I can not even imagine a prettier bride than YOU are going to be! That fiance of yours is getting a great girl, for sure!