Tuesday, January 6, 2015

The Bachelor

Well, its that time of year again, that time when women consume entire bottles of wine on Monday nights. Husbands/boyfriends find "chores" to keep themselves occupied from 9-11pm. Twitter blows up and then the next day, we gossip about women that we don't know and the man that is dating all 25 30 of them. Yep....The Bachelor is back on!

I have not tuned in for several seasons, however my friend Whitney got me into watching this season! I mean who doesn't want to watch (in my opinion) the hottest and most honest bachelor that has been on TV EVER!!! 

If you follow me on Insta then you saw this last night....the bachelor bracket! I printed this off at work and come 8:30ish I retreated to our bedroom with my computer and wine.

Here is my honest and probably random breakdown of all the ladies: 

Brit – I liked her dress, they almost hugged too long, She deserved the first impression rose! And first kiss! She is my favorite- She might turn out to be cray cray and the preview does show her crying on a curb, but other than annoying voice Whitney, she seems real.

Whitney –Seriously girl? Yellow shoes? Woof. She has an annoying voice but she got the first "wow" from Chris when she walked away. I think she will be around for a while.

Kelsey – I loved her dress! Chris said that she was beautiful. I love the word beautiful, it is way more mature than "hot".  

Megan – They both admit that they're nervous to each other. She seems genuine, however, if she is a makeup artist, why didn't she glam up her makeup more??

Ashley I – I like that she said "I’ll talk to you later" rather than "I'll see you inside" 

Trina – Legs for days (can I get your workout plan girl??) I think that she looks like Leslie from A Blonde Ambition, anyone else think so?  

Reegan – Tissue sales? Girl I almost needed a kleenex to wipe my eyes from crying your intro line was so bad! I've never seen a floor length body-con dress, but she had the body to wear it!  

Tara– Wild Card! I wasn't too sure about the boots and shorts but that look really is her as we see her character develop through the night. She is not a pretty drunk...then again neither am I when it comes to vodka haha! 

Amber – Teddy Bear? He must like that little furry stuffed animal because he kept her around!  

Nikki – Tara stole the show from her when she changed and came back to re-introduce herself.
Amanda – At first I didn't like her dress, but then it grew on me. What was up with her eyes? I liked the secret admirer aspect, however, when there is 30 women and you're competing - lets be honest that is what the first night is all about - you need to introduce yourself!  

Jillian - I don't remember her, I was on the phone with my photographer talking about our engagement session. 

Mackenzie– A 21 year old??? Isn't he like 34? I see age coming into play here. 

Ashley– The onion girl. She will forever be the onion girl. She also has the deer in headlights act down to a t! Is she really from Brooklyn? She seems more like a southerner to me. 

Kaitlyn - You can plow my field any day.... well damn girl, just go on ahead and lay down for him. She is also another wild card. She would be bored as shit in Iowa!

Becca – LEGS for days! They hugged a lot and I think he was genuinely taken back by how pretty she was when she got out of the limo.  

Tandra – The motorcycle girl! I think she is a stunner! So beautiful and her dress was my FAVORITE of the night! I think she will be hanging around for a while.

Alissa– She seems just a little immature but I liked the seatbelt intro. I think she will hang around too.

Jordan – Not sure how I felt about all those necklaces with her dress. At first I got a weird vibe from her, but I think that she is down to earth and that is what he needs. Especially if she is going to move to Iowa with him at the end of the show.  

Nicole – Had on the pig nose. But do we know if Chris actually raises hogs on his farm? Her dress complimented her hair color and skin very well.  

Brittany – HOOKER. End of sentence.

Carly– I hated that karaoke entrance. In between the pink dress and pink machine it made her look childish. Also I couldn't tell if she got drunk or not? She could also be a contender for deer in headlights girl this season - watch out Ashley S!  

Tracy – Beautiful! She also happened to go to middle school with one of my sorority sisters!  

Bo- I actually liked her! I hate that he sent her home, I believe that she had the right kind of personality for him.

Kimberly- I don't remember her.

Kara –  She told him that "we’ll make beautiful babies" No. No girlfriend, you don't tell that to a man on the first date and THINK that he will stick around afterward. She also seemed wayyyyyyyyy older than 25!  

Jade – That was an interesting dress and shoe combo, but I think she is one of the most beautiful women on the show and I foresee her sticking around. And since her roots are in Nebraska it might be an easy transition for her to move back. You can develop makeup anywhere girl!  

Highlighted in yellow means that they advance to the next round and get to hang out with Prince Farming! I got 16 out of 22 in my bracket correct! I was so caught up in cooking dinner and I remembered that it was due at 7:30, so at 7:32 I pulled up the pictures of the girls and straight up guessed! Not too bad in my opinion! Now that the first episode has passed, I think next week I'll be able to make better picks! Right now there are 12 of us playing the game, and we each put in $10. I wonder what I will be doing with my $120!!! Hahaha. 

Til Next Tuesday! 

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  1. Keep the recaps coming! I missed the first episode but I did catch the one from this week. Ashley S. stood out the most to me, for sure! I just can't help but think that either a. the producers requested that she act like a drunk goon on drugs or b. if they didn't, they had to have BEGGED Chris to keep her on for TV. What guy in his "right" mind would continue to court (I use that word very lightly) a girl who couldn't even comprehend what city or state she was in!? I mean, even on my nights where I was "way past gone", I still believe I knew what city I was located in, ha! But hey...different strokes for different folks, right!? Oh...and of course she is a GA girl...way to represent, Ashley! LoL. Oh...and you are RIGHT about Whitney's voice! I could take Lindsay Yenter's voice on Sean's season...but W's is straight aggravating after listening to it for 1.2 minutes... She does seem sweet and all, though. Again, I'd love to know your thoughts about this episode...recaps are hard to find this season lol