Friday, January 2, 2015

An Anxiety Morning

I didn't want my first post of 2015 to be one about anxiety, but if there is one thing that I would like to try and accomplish this year is being more honest on GG. Life is messy and crazy and very unglamorous and I am one of those bloggers who doesn't necessarily show that. So here I am talking about feeling anxious this morning.

I was totally fine when I got to work, I am even more dressed up than usual since we are going to visit a potential venue this afternoon AND I am getting off work early. I did the morning work related tasks and then I started googling tartan plaid blankets for our engagement photo session. Then I called my mom (who is on vacation) and just blurted out all this wedding-ramble-talk to her then I got an anxious feeling about wanting to immediately go try on wedding dresses AND then to top all that off.....I started looking at photographers.

If that wasn't enough, the Mister can't find some ring related papers that he needs to get this thing insured and he wanted to know what I did with them. Me? I didn't even know that an engagement ring came with a bill of sale? Let alone the fact that we've moved since you got the papers and you packed up my office for me. 

Now I am typing out all of this for y'all to read and I think that my blood pressure is through the roof. Of course it probably doesn't help that I am on my third cup of coffee either. I also kind of feel like an ass for even writing about this self inflicted anxiety because it is wedding related and not like sickness or job or move anxiety.

But, this is a part of my life, and I am sure that others will read this and understand exactly what I am going through! I have spoken with a few wedding planners and I am hoping to select a planner in the next few weeks, so that will help alleviate some of what I am feeling right now. I also think that once my mom gets home I will feel much better as well. Sometimes a girl just needs her mama!

So what am I going to do about this feeling?

Get off Pinterest.
Stop looking at plaid blankets.
Go eat pizza for lunch ('cause that just sounds good today)
Hope that they offer champs at the wedding venue haha
And if they aren't serving champs when we get there, then by golly we're going to the courthouse!
Now I get why couples elope ;)

Does anyone know where I can get this mug?? I love it!

Alright, ending this anxiety-ramble blog before I just go out into left field. I hope that everyone has a great weekend! Xo


  1. I would probably pack a thermos filled with iced jack and coke just in case...and THEN if they offered complimentary champagne---it could only make the meeting that much better! That would be pretty much badass ; )

  2. Just breath in & breath out oh & instead of coffee I might drink something a little stronger :)

  3. Congrats! I hated every single second of wedding planning and I get a sick feeling in my stomach when I even so much as think about it. I completely understand where you're coming from and can relate! I hope it's stress-free for you, though. It should be fun, and every one says that, but more often than not, it isn't. Do what you want and try to enjoy as much as possible! And, if you want to elope that could be fun, too!