Friday, December 19, 2014

Oh Hey!

Oh, hey there GG readers. Life is crazy with a capital C for sure! Last night was the first night we stayed in our house!! I hit the sheets around 12:30 and the Mister stayed up until almost 2. We might have been a little bit of a hot mess when the cable guy showed up at 9 this morning haha! 

When life gets hectic, this is when a link-up is a God send for bloggers like me :) Let's run down the top 5 moments this week for Five on Friday!

1) Tuesday night I worked at the house until super late. I got it as close as possible to move-in ready and made room for all the items that would be in the Mister's u-haul. While I am "slaving" away at work today, AKA writing this blog post, he is getting settled in. Here is a preview of our judging because it isn't complete and I need to steal the other matching lamp from my parent's house ;)
The lighting is just awful in this picture. The bedding is a deep red and the wall color is more of a warmer gold. However, bedroom is set up and linens are on it and that is all that matters!

2) Wednesday night was Ladies night!!!

I tell you what, I would fall apart without these ladies. We laughed, talked about our men, sipped wine and truly enjoyed being in each others company. I hope that everyone is as blessed as I am to have friends like these! PS - I've said this before and I'll say it again, if you're ever in Athens, you must eat LAST RESORT! It never disappoints!

3) I gave a friend of mine a house tour via pictures last night.
I am thinking that the dining room might become my favorite room in the house! I am loving my bar set-up and I like that the room opens to both the living room and kitchen. We have a round table that we are going use, so we are using my pub table for the time being. With a coat of paint, wainscoating, new table and chairs this room will turn super chic in just an instant!

4) Santa knew just want I wanted for Christmas.....a staph infection in my eye.
Sexy right?? My friend Rachel (who was missing from girls night) told me that at least red was a Christmas color haha! My motto on repeat is: at least is isnt the flu. at least it isnt the flu. at least is isnt the flu.

5) Tonight is our first official meal! Currently there is chicken in the crockpot for "Crockpot Italian Chicken" and bread is "stale-ing" as well for bread pudding. Holy domestic diva right here! Ok, so not really but it is a start!!

What do y'all have on tap for the weekend? Tomorrow night we will be with my mom's side of the family for Christmas. Then on Sunday we will be with his mom's side of the family and this will be my first time meeting all of them! And I have not bought a single present other than gifts for my nieces. #illbethatcrazyladyatthemalltwodaysbeforechristmas

I hope that everyone has a fabulous weekend and don't forget to link up with Darci, April, Natasha and Christina!

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  1. Your bedroom is great...I love those colors! Glad that y'all are settled in your new house! My son's father is a UGA alum and we spent a lottt of time at Last Resort...definitely one of my favs in Athens where many good times were spent at. I really miss Athens...sad that I didn't make it to any games this year. There is just nothing else in the world like Athens on a good game I know you'd probably agree : )