Monday, December 15, 2014

Weekend Recap

Hello hello! How was everyone's weekend? Ours was jam-packed and today I am feeling quite stiff and sore from all the moving haha! This was our last weekend in Athens! A little bittersweet, but it was a lot fun. My townhouse still has plenty of items left to move, but the big items; sofa, bed, dining table are in our new house!

Friday evening we attended the Ras's third annual Christmas Party. Our friends Andrew and Katie host a great get together every year and there were some seriously funny White Elephant gifts! We had to call it quits around midnight since Saturday we were moving, even though we could have stayed for longer. I don't think that I even touched my phone while I was there, but we did manage to snap two photos with the Mister's.

I must say that I LOVED my outfit! Something about the lighter colors just made me feel so feminine! My sweater and jeans are from New York and Company, pumps are Nine West and the bracelet my Mom gave to me several years ago.
Sweater - Jeans, similar
Saturday morning I woke up feeling like "a million bucks". It took a few cups of coffee and my last Little Debbie Christmas Tree Cake to get over the hump and into moving mode! We moved my living room that afternoon and combined with a few items from his house, we figured out the lay out of our new living room! I was quite pleased with it, but we still might play with the lay out this weekend to make sure we have tried all our options.

Saturday evening my friends Whitney and Michael tied the knot! This was our first wedding together and it was nice to be in the presence of friends and so much love!

Sunday morning I had grandiose dreams of getting up early enough to go eat Mama's Boy. Ha! Dreams would be the correct description because I had to peel myself out of the bed. I just could not get up, do y'all have mornings like that? Where the thought of getting out of the bed just makes you want to cry? And not because you are hungover but because being sandwiched in between the sheets smack dab in the center of the bed with no one around is just the best feeling ever? That was me. haha! 

My cousin came to Athens around 1 and we took my bed apart and moved a few other furniture pieces. And if that was not enough fun, we then headed to my parents to get my dresser out of my mom's furniture room because it wouldn't fit in my townhouse. THEN if that wasn't a fun overload, I then mopped floors and unpacked the kitchen! Whew! Just reading that paragraph makes me tired!!!

I have had several people ask me if I am sleeping in the house? Not yet. My uncle has had a lot of work done to the house (on top of what we've done) and several of his workers have a key. The repairs to the house should be completed tomorrow and then it will be re-keyed. But it isn't so much about that, as it is more about not having TV or internet! Yes, I could survive without and rent like five movies from RedBox, but (and you can call me a chicken) being in a new house alone, with its new noises and new location and no TV to turn on in the middle of the night if you get thank you. I will happily wait until the Mister is there with me. Until then I'm at my parents which is just fine with me because I can drink their wine instead of mine haha!
Things are coming together and I could not be more excited! Once I get things settled I'll share more photos of the house!

Tomorrow I'm going to share the ideas of what I want to make as our first meal this weekend, and I need y'all to help me decide! Cheers to a good week with lots of organizing and fun!


  1. You're new living area looks great! Excited about you getting to move in with your man soon!

    1. Thank you! I thought we were going to have "tons of room" but now that the furniture is in there it is a lot smaller!