Monday, November 17, 2014

Weekend Rewind

Hello Everyone! I hope that you are feeling better on this Monday than I is attack of the sinuses over here and I'm pretty sure that at some point between yesterday and today I got hit by a Mack truck.

Dear Sinuses, 

We have too much shit to do for you to be acting up, please get over yourselves and return to normal.



Moving on....

This past weekend was the last weekend I went to the Mister's before we officially move next moth! I may or may not have to go back once more, but it will be just for moving purposes. Now don't get me wrong, some of the best weekends we have had are where the Mister lives, but we are both READY to be together everyday! So this picture pretty much sums up my excitement...
I sent this to him on my way down south Friday afternoon. Don't worry....I was at a stop sign :)

When I arrived at his house, there was a fire going and wine waiting. Seriously how did I get so lucky? He is he best!

Saturday morning/afternoon He took me to all the stores in town that I've been wanting to go to. We stopped at Relic, The Big Store and The Pineapple Post. During these stops I made the first "official" purchases for the house!
It is nothing fancy per say, but these items will remain in their bags until we move in. Our Christmas tree will be the first thing going up (we agreed on a fake one) and luckily this room spray smells just like a juniper pine! Fake til you make it right?!?!

After messing around, we headed to the grocery and picked up dinner then headed home to watch our Bulldogs take on the Tigers!
I was passed out on the sofa by the third quarter. #grandmastatus

Sunday morning I got up SUPER early to head back to Atlanta and Athens for a baby shower and wedding shower. I made it through the baby shower just fine, but about 15 minutes into the ride back to Athens, that is when the sinuses hit. By the time I made it to Athens, I had a fever, the shakes and wanted to pretty much fall over. I dropped off my gift at the wedding shower and headed straight for my bed.

After I woke from a nice five hour slumber, my stomach was letting me know it wanted food! I went down to the kitchen only two find three choices for dinner...soup, eggs or pasta. I went with the latter. Pasta has always been a weakness of mine. If I were stranded on a deserted spaghetti would be my first choice of food haha. While pasta was an option, sauce was not. I remember pinning a pasta recipe that used parmesan cheese, olive oil and breadcrumbs, so I used what I had at my disposal.
Excuse the iphone picture...I wasn't about to break out the big one for this bowl. My only disappointment with this, is that I didn't have more to eat! It was so good!!! Dash of parmesan cheese, sprinkle of bread crumbs, sprinkle of feta, topped off with olive oil and dashes of garlic salt and black pepper. In between the garlic salt and garlic bread crumbs I could have kept a vampire away, but the Mister wasn't around for me to kiss so I had no worries.

And that ladies and gents was my weekend. Nothing too fancy, not too boring, got to be with my Mister and see my girlfriends, and that is all I can ask for!

Tomorrow I am linking up with A.Liz Adventures, Cheers Y'all, Miss Dixie and Southern Style for the first installment of These Are A Few of My Favorite Things link-up party! Come back to see what's on my list :)


  1. I hope you feel better! your new blog!