Friday, November 14, 2014

5 on Friday!!

If you read my 'about me' page, you'll see that "not cooking" is under my list of things I like to do! It isn't so much the actual cooking part, but more the prep and clean up stages that kill me. Yesterday the office was terribly slow and I had finished most of my tasks for the day, so I decided to clean up my food related Pinterest boards.

In just a few short weeks the Mister and I will be together everyday!!!!! This also means dinner every night. I asked him if he had an "expectations" of me when it come to meals/dinner. He said no, but that he would like for me to cook a few times a week. A few times? I can handle that. I also think he is a smart man too :)

I hope that after time I will begin to enjoy the art of cooking. My mom says that it will change because I am no longer cooking for one and I won't always have to clean the kitchen up myself. She is a wise woman haha.

There are seven food boards under my Pinterest but I make the same recipes over and over again! Anyone else do that?? So I wanted to share with you my top 5 favorite Pinterest recipes for the 5 on Friday link-up!

1) Crockpot Beer Chicken
Photo/Recipe: My Daily Dish
I do not "edit" this recipe at all. I have found that Coors Light is the best beer to use though! 

2) Feta Basil Turkey Burgers 
Photo/Recipe: Fifteen Spatulas
I do not "edit" this recipe either. Ground chicken is also a great alternative too, but if I use chicken, I add in a few panko crumbs and a dash of bisquick so the burgers "stick" together!

3) Mediterranean Layer Dip
Photo/Recipe: Decor Fix
I love this dip! Hummus and Olives (two of my favorite things!) combined with red peppers and cucumbers (hello healthy!) its basically a win-win. I add a layer to this dip though, an avocado and  cream cheese mixture. I mush up the avocado (get a RIPE one) while the cream cheese is getting to room temperature. I use about 2/3 of the cream cheese and combine with avocado and that is the base layer for my dip. Depending on what I have in the fridge, sometimes I will substitute the red bell pepper for cherry tomatoes. Serve with Pita Chips or Crackers - these are my fav crackers. 

4) Sausage and Cheese Mini Muffins 
Photo/Recipe: Plain Chicken
These are my go-to morning tailgate treat. These are also wonderful around 3pm with a Corona at the lake haha! They also freeze and re-heat really well. I mean how can you beat sausage, cheese, bisquick and cheddar cheese soup? You can't! Unless there is bacon involved :) 

5) Cheesy Chicken and Broccoli Casserole 
Photo/Recipe: Crazy Train Called Life
This recipe is actually Gluten Free, but you would never know it! I made this for the Mister the other night at he approves! I serve it with a side of brown rice or quinoa.

And there you have it, the same five recipes I make over and over and over again! What is your top five? Let me know! 

Don't forget to link-up with April, Natasha, Darci and Christina! See y'all next week :) 


  1. I like cooking, but always have trouble with recipes, so I'm going to steal some of these! :) Hope the time flies, and you are back together soon!

    1. Change your email from no-reply comment so I can reply!!! :) I am like you and are hoping to get better at recipes, because if it has more than 5-6 steps, I get intimidated haha!