Thursday, November 13, 2014

Thursday Tidbits

Sooooooo we have a house! Ekk! I am TRULY excited :) Yesterday after lunch, my dad and I stopped by the house (for like the third time in a day haha) and I felt at peace with the decision.

You see, we were moving to the Suwanee/Buford area because there are several other people who work in the Misters new office and they told him that it was the most central location. In that area, there is a lot to rent, just not in our price range. To get house that would be considered decent and above "builder grade" would run us around $1500 a month. I'm not sure what the rental markets are like in your area, but around these parts that is just RIDICULOUS! We could buy a $250,000 house and have a mortgage less than that! Every house that we looked at last weekend, if we had rented it, we would have been seriously compromising. Now we are making a slight compromise with this house - it has ONE bathroom - but it has everything else we could want. Carport for me, nice back yard for him, hardwoods throughout for both of us!
I am seeing a gallery wall already!! We're thinking about replacing the sliding glass door to the Florida room with French doors - I think it would dress up the room, thoughts on that??

Ok, ok. Enough about the house.

My mom sent us a preview of our photos from Sunday. If this photo doesn't say "I'm so over this", I don't know what does!

This is one of my FAVORITES! I would say frame-worthy!

Last night, I packed up my first box. Thanks to the Polar Vortex, I don't think that I will be needing my summer items anytime soon!
I also packed up a majority of my office and brought a HUGE pile of old bills and random papers to shred at the office today! I need y'alls help in coming up with a hashtag for our moving pictures. Sounds cheesy I know, but I would love to do that! Any suggestions welcome!!

One day til the weekend! Whoot!


  1. Yay moving and house. But boo packing and moving. I loathe moving.

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