Tuesday, November 18, 2014

2014 Wish List

Christmas is upon us! While shopping on Saturday one of the stores had a "six weeks til Christmas" sign out. Personally it feels as if it could be here tomorrow. Granted I am probably feeling this way due to our move.
I am linking up today for the...

I'm unsure if Santa as me on the naughty or nice list but if I am on the latter.....here is what I would like under the tree!

1) Blanket Scarf ... Need it! I have yet to find one that I like and I feel like this one has good colors.

2) Louis Vuitton ... Enough said.

3) Monogram necklace ... I want one terribly, however, I've got a feeling that my monogram will be changing soon :) Maybe a birthday present??

4) Patagonia Vest ... I see girls out and about in town with Patagonia pull-overs on and I love the look, just not on me. So what better way to sport Patagonia than in a vest. Mama loves a good vest haha!

5) Chanel Sunglasses ... Now it doesn't have to be a pair of Chanel glasses, but I need a "dressy" pair. I have both Ray-Ban aviators and wayfarers and sometimes neither pair of those look good with church clothes.

6) Camera Strap ... Last year my parents gave me a camera!! I was thrilled and I still love it every time I pull it out of its bag. Not that there is anything wrong with the camera strap that it came with, I am just wanting something a little more personalized, but also gender neutral so that that Mister isn't carrying it with a hot pink strap haha.

7) Hunter Boots ... After yesterday's torrential rain here in Georgia and it was a very warm 39 degrees outside, these will keep my tootsies warm!

8) Outdoor fire pit and chairs ... We already have a patio set (woohoo) but our backyard is just longing for a fire pit and chairs in the middle of it! I can see us hosting friends and roasting marshmellows and getting "toasted" hahahaha. Get it?

9) We need lamps, period.

10) This is not on the list, but it is the number one most important thing that I could ask for this year. I (we) want a new mattress for the guest room!!!!!!

So Mom, Dad or Mister.....here is my list! But truthfully, I'll take the mattress and sunglasses, hint hint. 


  1. What a wonderful list. I need to add a new LV bag to my list. I have been wanting this one for a while now. Here to hoping Santa's listening.



  2. I LOVE your list. BUT whoah girl...you have damn expensive taste! LoL

  3. I'm with you on the Louis, hopefully we will both get them!

  4. Love your list, we have a few of the same things on it!

  5. Love that blanket scarf! Not that I need another:) thanks for linking up!

  6. I've seen blanket scarfs like crazy this year, and I'm starting to think I may need one as well. One can never have too many scarves. I am crazy about that vest; I haven't seen one like it yet and LOVE it. Oh and a camera strap is on my list as well. I have a feeling we'd be good friends if we lived closer...I might as well write everything down on this list for when I make mine.

  7. I love your picks!! My monogram necklace is definitely the necklace I wear most often- it goes with everything! And Hunter boots are on my list as well- I have nothing to wear in the rain or snow so these would be perfect. Hope Santa is good to you! xo


  8. I'm sure you are on the nice list! Love the vest and color of the blanket scarf! Good choices!