Thursday, October 30, 2014

GG Facts

I'm a little late to the game linking up with Helen and Taylor for #blogtober14, but I've read several posts today from other bloggers and I decide to join in on the fun. Today's prompt is "facts about yourself" so this is a perfect way for y'all to get to know me more!

Here goes nothing...

- I'm an only child. I love it. I always had people ask me if I wished that I had a brother or a sister, but I grew up with a huge family so I always had a cousin or two around.

- Speaking of cousins....I have 18 - 13 immediate and 5 second. Yes, 18, not a typo! My mother was 1 of 8 children.
Thanksgiving 2013
- I have lived in Athens for nine years,but I did not attend the University of Georgia. There are three other colleges in town and I attended two of them, University of North Georgia (for business) and Athens Technical College (for event planning). I am still a DAWGS fan though!!! G-E-O-R-G-I-A!

- Due to a mild obsession with the movie Free Willy, when I was younger I wanted to be a Oceanographer and explore the ocean floor and track whales.
As you can see, that didn't happen haha! Before I bite the dust I would love to see an Orca in the wild.

- If I could do college over again, I would become a pediatric nutritionist. I've always loved children and the older I get I have an increased interest in nutrition; granted I eat really really bad sometimes! Of course, its never too late to go back to college!

- Should I ever wind up on a deserted island due to a plane crash or shipwreck, I would love for it to already be stockpiled with spaghetti, homemade spaghetti. I LOVE spaghetti!! However, I will never order it from a restaurant, I have to make it myself or it has to be my moms, something about the time it takes to make the sauce and let it simmer then boiling the pasta, then everything coming together. Granted when I make it, 9 times out of 10 the sauce comes from a jar haha!

- I like exclamation marks. I tend to overuse them. Sorry! ;)

- My parents are high school sweethearts. They graduated high school in June of 1974 and got married that November. In just a few short weeks they will be celebrating their 40th wedding anniversary!

- When I was 9 I met Chuck Norris. He was laying out by the pool at the Hotel where we were staying in California. I had befriended a little girl who was also swimming and she introduced me and my parents to him. Apparently they were filming and episode of 'Walker Texas Ranger' in this little girls house and the production company put them up in the hotel. If you need verification I'm sure my dad would be happy to tell the story as well haha!

- I met my best friend Ashley over an issue of Cosmopolitan in English 101 the first week of college in 2004.
My 21st birthday - 2007
Ashley's rehearsal dinner - 2014
I swear that the story goes like this: "She pulls the magazine out of her backpack and I ask if she had read xyz article." She says: "I pulled the magazine out of my backpack and you said 'I've already read that'." Irregardless it was one of the best comments about a magazine that I ever made in my life needless to say! The next day I walk into Astronomy and there she sits, well come to find out, we had every single class together out freshmen year!!!!

- I had a nose ring in college. 'Nough said.
- I have coffee It might be 101 in the hot Georgia heat and I'm drinking coffee.

- Wine first. Beer second. Dirty Martini third. Mimosas alll day errrry day!

- I enjoy running. I've ran three races this year and I had hoped to do a half-marathon until my posterior-tibial tendon decided to get "itis" and I walked around in a walking boot for three weeks and then had an additional three weeks physical therapy. Whomp Whomp Whomp.
CFA 5K, Athens Ridge 5K, Peachtree Road Race 10K
And that is all today folks!! In honor of Georgia vs Florida on Saturday, come back tomorrow for a re-cap of all my Georgia-Florida shenanigans throughout the years!

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