Monday, October 10, 2016

Weekend Rewind!

Hey There! Your favorite bi-weekly blogger is comin' in for a post :) 

This past weekend was just what I needed. We did not have any "set in stone" plans, I got my first Agent On Duty shift under my belt and I am ready to tackle this week head-on! 

Friday evening we "Netflix and Chilled". We've been watching Californication, so we watched a few episodes of that and then we grilled a pork tenderloin and I made THIS salad from Natalie Mason - Designer Bags and Dirty Diapers. I did roast the kale and I added in a few cranberries and almonds. It is the ULTIMATE fall side! This may or may not be what I bring to Thanksgiving this year! 

Saturday morning we got ready and we met our friends Josh and Amanda in downtown Monroe for a fall festival. There was a small farmers market, inflatables + touch a truck for kids, but the most exciting part is that there are two new stores that have opened downtown! 
Saltbox Lane and The Story Shop.

Saltbox Lane - website, Facebook - is a home decor and interiors store. Think Joanna Gaines comes to Monroe!! I told the owner that I was going to just move on it.... I scooped up these adorable coffee mugs and we enjoyed our Sunday morning coffee in them. 
Right next door to Saltbox is The Story Shop. - Facebook - I am pretty much OBSESSED with this place. Not only is it a childrens bookstore, but they have an Alice in Wonderland Themed event space...they also have a childrens reading nooks.....on the weekends they have hourly story readings AND they have a dress-up Wardrobe AKA The Lion The Witch and The Wardrobe. 

Monroe is my hometown and I am SO EXCITED about what is happening to our little downtown area! It is growing by leaps and bounds and it just makes my heart so proud!

After the festival we headed to Mystic Grill in Covington. They have rooftop dining, but much to our dismay, the rooftop isn't open for lunch. We sat inside at the bar so we could watch some football and enjoy eating our fried pickles and burgers at leisure. Do any of you watch Vampire Diaries? You might recognize this restaurant BC they film here all.the.time!! Click HERE to read more!

We have a little rodent problem going on at our house. And by rodent I mean Armadillos. They are tearing up our grass, rooting up plants and scattering our mulch from here to Florida. It's just not cool. Last night Steven set up some targets in the woods and we had shooting practice. Now don't go getting weird about this picture.....this gun is a BB gun with Steven's deer scope on it. It is not some kind of high powered rifle or anything like that. Anyone up for some Armadillo soup??
Our evening ended with tacos and watching the Alabama vs Arkansas game from the patio. The temperature was so pleasant and when you've got a TV as big as ours, you can see it from further away ;)
Sunday afternoon I had my first Agent On Duty shift. It was quiet in the office, it was just myself and the manager on duty, however I was able to watch the UGA vs USC game! I popped in the grocery store right quick and was able to make it home to see the last few minutes of the game! So happy that we brought home a W this week!

And speaking of the grocery store.... Here is what's on the menu this week:

Kale + Italian Sausage Ziti Bake
Oven Fajitas
Italian Zucchini Boats 

We ended our Sunday night watching the Amanda Knox documentary on Netflix. I was shocked over the fact that she had only known her boyfriend for FIVE days when her roommate was murdered. I don't think that she did it, the media just massacred her and I hate that for her. I found THIS article and I also agree that these five things are the most shocking.

Whew! What a long post! Especially since the last post I drafted was like three sentences and a bunch of pictures of Cornflake haha! I hope that everyone had a great weekend like we did! Let's do this Monday!

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  1. That book store looks amazing! I would have never wanted to leave when I was a little girl!