Thursday, March 10, 2016

Confessional Thursday

Confessed while contemplating IF I REALLY want to have a 30th birthday party or go somewhere far far far away and cry about my gray hair....
** I've got MAJOR beef with Ballard Designs right now. The colors depicted on the internet and the ACTUAL slip color cover are like night and day. UPS delivered this one to me right after I had gotten to work and I am just so disappointed. I don't want to spend the money on Pier 1 or Restoration Hardware covers...but in order to get what I want, I might have too. My wallet is shaking in fear over that right now haha! Before I toss in the towel, I am going to try it on a chair, it could look really good!
Everyday Linen 10oz in Gray -- ONLINE

Everyday Linen 10oz in Gray -- REAL LIFE

** We haven't (ever) bought "fancy" furniture. Since when does it take 8-10 weeks for sofas to come in?? Monday night, Steven and I went sofa shopping. Other than realizing we need to budget more for the sofa in order to get exactly what we want, I was blown away that every sofa we looked at wouldn't be here until May. I am such an instant gratification person, I want the sofa and I want it now.

** Cornflake has decided that she wants to bite our feet every time we move them in the bed. Steven thinks its funny, I think it makes me want to knock her off the bed when she does it at 4:30am. No cool Cornflake, not cool.

** My Baublebar jewels came in last week! I ordered these after Steven (jokingly) called me the queen of frivolous spending. When these earrings popped up on my screen, I had two shirts immediately in mind that I knew they would go with. A black turtleneck and the red and black tunic I have on today!! I love that the colors contrast against each other :) The "queen" likes her purchase!

** Work vs Play.....why is it such a b*tch to have to choose between the two?? A few days ago, Steven threw out the idea of us going to Helen on Friday night for a little getaway! I was down for this, sipping adult beverages on the river? Yes, please. Then we checked hotel prices, no go. The Helen trip then turned in to going to the lake. And while this view is quite tempting, we really need to work in the yard. Whomp. Whomp. Woof. So I guess that I confess that I would rather work in the yard?

** Confessional over!


  1. Couches are the pits... take forever yes they do! and thinsg never look the same in person.

  2. I hate ordering furniture. We went looking for a coffee table and entertainment console and they took about 6 weeks to get in. Such a bummer.

  3. Furniture SUCKS! When we moved in our current house we had no couch for 2 weeks, no bed for a month, and no dining room table for like 3 months... and the dining room chairs arrived like 2 months after the table! Gaaaah!