Wednesday, February 24, 2016

WIWW // Neutrals

Y'all, neutrals are my clothing love language. I feel so put together in today's outfit and there is nothing more to it other than a sweater, jeans, necklace and flats.

It's funny, if I had this same combination on with jeans and another sweater, I wouldn't feel the same. Maybe its the winter white? Maybe its the awesome $29.99 sweater from TJ's? Who knows! I know y'all have seen this Pin floating around Pinterest...

...and I like to think that I "look" like this to others with today's outfit haha! Steven is on-site at a bank here in town this week, and I am meeting him and his co-workers for lunch today. Maybe they'll think I look like this ;)

What is your clothing love language?? Of course I love a great print, and there is nothing classier than a crisp white blouse, good skinny jeans and pumps. Lilly P and all the fun colors and prints have my "name on them" during the summer, but right now in this wonky transitional weather, neutrals are it! And maybe that's why I love my girl Cornflake too....she is neutral and goes with everything!

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  1. Love that outfit! Super cute! I'm with you on neutrals. I like solid colors or stripes in the winter unless I'm wearing a plaid shirt. I own about 8 different plaids lol. My go-to outfit is a black and white striped shirt, jeans, a chunky sweater, and flat boots. So comfy!