Thursday, February 25, 2016

Confessional Thursday

Confessed while googling "how to make money trees grow in your backyard"....

** I am finally feeling "excitement" in regards to our move. The flooring is supposed to be finished today along with the final coat of pain in the kitchen. However, we might not have bathroom counter tops for another two weeks nor a stove or microwave for five to six days. Yay for crockpots and a grill that has a side burner!

** Steven called me "the queen of frivolous spending" the other day. So to prove him right I ordered two pieces of jewelry from Baublebar during their 75% off sale on Tuesday. Luckily I can ship to my office, so that's where my $21 purchase is headed! Haha!

** I cannot stand tornado warnings. They make me really nervous and hearing the words "the conditions are right" and "please remember to go into a hallway, bathroom or closet if hear the sirens". To me, all of that translates into "you might as well put your head between your legs and kiss your a** goodbye!". When I was a child, we did experience a tornado at our home. It was around 11pm and my mom got me out of bed and was holding our cat, Mr. Tanner, and we went into our game room. I remember sitting on the sofa and my dad kept going back and forth between game room and living room where the TV was. Then suddenly he rushed back downstairs and the three of us got into this little nook beside the stairs and I remember the wind being really loud and the house kind of shaking and that was it. Basically we were on the outskirts of the tornado, but it was still really scary. Guess its a good thing that Steven and I will have that little nook to hide in now if one hits!

** As I was scrolling Pinterest last night, an article about how bacon causes cancer came across my screen. I don't need the kind of negativity in my life! Bacon is the reason I'm not a vegetarian!! And I bet that you could google just about any food + cancer and something is going to pop up. Just a few years ago, Milk gave you cancer! What's next? Girl Scout cookies? Chick Fil A?

** My last confession involves a computer game.....and no its not Farmville or Candy Crush, but its Mahjong Titans that comes already loaded on Windows computers. I wouldn't say that I am "addicted" to it but I find myself playing it several times a day. Basically you match tiles and try to get the tile design to disappear, so I justify the game playing by saying that it "works my brain".

Lastly, I ask you ladies to pray for my big and her husband. I've mentioned before in a few posts that he has Leukemia and he was accepted into MD Anderson in Houston for treatment. Unfortunately, they found out yesterday that this latest treatment did not work. There is a clinical trial, however his bilirubin and blood levels are too high for him to get accepted in to it right now..... And due to the treatment he received, Karl has some very bad mouth sores that cause him to not want to eat. He also needs to gain a few pounds for the trial as well. 

PLEASE pray for them!!! Right now is a very scary time. Please pray for their strength as they make decisions. Please pray for Karl's mouth sores to go away. Please pray for their sweet little girl, Amelia. If praying isn't you thing, I'll take good vibes too! 


  1. First, LOTS and LOTS of prayers for your big and her husband. Will be sending up prayers for Karl!

    Tornado warnings freak me out, too. EEEEK!

  2. So many prayers coming at your friends. Breaks my heart that the trial didn't work. I am hoping for the best. Tornadoes are so scary. They don't happen where I live, but I was traveling for work and one was close by. Scared me. So thankful you are ok.

  3. Prayer for him and tornados scare the bejesus out of me too and I live in Texas.

  4. I am RIGHT THERE WITH YOU about the tornado warnings. This California girl would take an earthquake over a tornado any day!! I am so not looking forward to our second spring here in Alabama since it's "Tornado Season" - ugh!!

  5. Prayers for your friend & her husband!! And I have a way you can grow a money tree in your back yard!! LOL!